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Hear Our Senior Project Manager, Cari Bacon, Speak at ConnectHER Conference 2016! 

ConnectHER, an annual event for bloggers, brands, PR, and influencers, is right around the corner. And our own Senior Project Manager, Cari Bacon, is a featured speaker!

Join Cari as she leads two roundtable discussions:

“I find a lot of entrepreneurs get overwhelmed when it comes to digital marketing and don’t even want to do the basics because it is so daunting, “Cari says. “I want to make the basics of SEO and Google Analytics as easy to understand and use as possible. We all start somewhere.”

This will be Cari’s second ConnectHER conference as a discussion leader. The conference is primarily by invitation only, and Cari has been recognized for her efforts in the digital marketing field.

Cari oversees the website campaigns of 20 clients here at SEO Inc., and she is certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords. She is a highly qualified digital marketing specialist, with a background in research, content writing, and social media. Simply speaking, she’s a rock star, working non-stop every day to ensure everyone’s campaigns are on the right track and that the work gets done.

Cari also runs her own Southern California lifestyle blog, Busy Bee Blogger.

Even though ConnectHER ticket sales have ended, you can still read our recap next week. And if you happen to be attending the conference, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi!

Mark your calendars—the ConnectHer Media Conference is this Sunday on August 21, 2016 in Los Angeles, CA.

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