SEO Inc’s Page Speed Accelerator Helps Websites Go Faster

Boom! As you probably know by now, Google is about to get all jacked up on Caffeine! No, they haven’t been downing extra shots of mocha latte… well maybe they have, but that’s not what we’re talking about. The newest update to Google’s ranking algorithm has been dubbed “Caffeine,” and it encompassed some the most significant changes we’ve seen in quite a while.

So, what kind of name is that? As it turns out, it’s a pretty good one. In addition to many of the SEO best practices that have been helping sites achieve good rankings for years, this newest version of the world most potent algorithm will be looking for pots of freshly brewed content, a pleasant social atmosphere and most importantly… super fast hyper-active websites.

Does Page Speed Impact SEO?

Do you know how fast your website loads across various browsers and connections? Probably not, but Google does, and if your site is among the fastest, you may be rewarded with higher rankings or at the very least reduce the chances of losing rankings.

So, why this does Google have this new need for speed? As it turns out, they are “Going Green” and trying to take the internet with them. You see, if sites can load faster, that means they are using less processing power, bandwidth, and energy. These changes could result in substantial energy savings across the web.

Will users be able to notice the difference? Maybe a little. But that’s not what is important because Google will see and you will get better rankings on the search engine result pages, and that is what matters most.

Now let’s talk about what’s important. How do you get your website to load faster? As it turns out, Search Engine Optimization Inc has just released a new Page Speed Accelerator program that has already established some incredible results against Caffeine.

Through a myriad of tech-tricks, the engineers at SEO Inc have cut the loading time of some pages by more than half! And apparently, that’s only part of their program.

Anyone who is even remotely interested in their website remaining viable should at least call them up for a free analysis to see what improvements could be made.

One thing is for sure, the impending release of Caffeine opens up some tremendous opportunities for early adopters to find themselves a new perch at the top of the rankings. Who’s going to be smart enough to take that advantage? Your guess is as good as mine!

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