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Breaking News! Facebook Previews new Page Updates

Oh Facebook, you are never quiet for long. Seriously, right? Don’t you think that Facebook desperately needs attention? That or they are just doing so well that they constantly need to create new updates to keep all their employees busy. Regardless, they keep social media marketers on their toes… Facebook just came out with a new round of updates to Facebook pages. Yes, Facebook pages for business are changing. Take a look at the tutorial provided by Facebook below.


Showcase Your Latest Photos

Now you can showcase your latest photos just like you can on Facebook friend profiles. In this post we will take examples from the Tacori page.


Navigate Where People Expect It

As you can see the navigation has moved to the sidebar.


Show the Top Post on Your Wall

You can now make certain posts sticky, and place them at the top of your wall.


Use Facebook as Your Page

You can now interact with other areas on Facebook and know when people interact with you! This is huge, we have been waiting for better updates when a user interact with Facebook pages. Hopefully Facebook delivers here! One other really cool feature about this is that you can like” and post on other pages as a Fan Page (instead of a profile page) , or support other businesses. Think of the implications!


New Settings!

Are you ready? Now there are even more Facebook settings for your page. These are all really good though, and will increase the customization available.



Facebook is pushing the envelope once again with new updates. What do you think? Comment below.

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