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The Bizarro World of SEO

seo bizarro worldOver the next few weeks we are taking a cue from DC Comic’s “Bizarro World.” Which seems appropriate since we just recently wrapped up San Diego Comic Con 08 2 weeks ago.  For the unfamiliar, Bizarro World is a society that is ruled by the Bizarro Code. “ Us do Opposite of all Earthly Things!…”  All the great DC Heroes has an imperfect version of themselves in this world of opposites.  If you’re not a comic book fan then you may remember “The Bizarro Jerry” episode of Seinfeld. Whatever your Bizarro experience may be, we will be providing information on how to implement Search Engine Optimization that is counterproductive to successful ranking.

For the next few weeks our Bizarro Code will be “Us do Opposite of all SEO Things!”   The inhabitants of our opposite world will be:

Writing about what NOT to do allows us to paint with a wider brush,  sometimes knowing what not to do makes knowing what to do much more apparent.  We hope you have as much fun reading these articles as we did writing them.

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