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Bing’s Growth Continues While Google Holds Steady

According to today’s ComScore report Bing hit it’s all-time high for search market share in June.  Google and Yahoo held steady, meaning that the gains did not come by taking market share from Google. Ask and AOL fell to new lows which may be one place where Bing is taking any new market share. Overall search volume was up slightly from May indicating continued growth in search.

Take a look at the comScore is reporting:

June 2011 – Explicit search(doesn’t include image/contextual/Google Instant)

Google: 65.5% (essentially unchanged from May)
Yahoo: 15.9% (essentially unchanged)
Bing: 14.4% (up from 14.1% in May)
Bing’s 14.4% is an all-time high share of explicit search. Combined, Bing/Yahoo is now at 30.2% market share, up from 30% in both April and May.

June 2011 – Core search

Google: 64.5% (up from 63.3% in May)
Yahoo: 17.5% (down from 19.6% in May)
Bing: 14.1% (up from 13.1% in May)

Bing’s 14.1% is an all-time high in core search share.

For search engine optimization, this means that it is imperative to continue to pay attention to Bing and their search alliance with Yahoo.  The alliance market share is over 30% and growing. You can make an argument that targeting Bing may be the primary goal for some industries due to the demographics of the typical Bing searcher.

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