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Bing Leaks Secret Search Engine Evaluation Technique

Bing has been coming up in the search world for some time. A high ranking in Bing, like Google, can now make or break a business. And Bing has great results in many cases. But does Bing have a secret that they have not been sharing? According to recent news they do.

Bing is utilizing a system they deem HRS or Human Relevance System. This is a criterion which they provide to humans to judge search results. This is the secret. Did it blow your mind?

What is the HRS Criteria?

The HRS criteria, or the way that humans evaluate these search results is based on the following:

1. Intent: Does the LP content address a possible intent for the query?
2. Scope: Does the range and depth of the LP content match what the user wants?
3. Authority: Is the trustworthiness of the content on the LP appropriate to the expectations of the user?
4. Quality: Do the appearance and organization of the LP providing a satisfying experience?

Source – Search Engine Land

Each of these items is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being good and 5 being get this out of my Bing search space immediately or I will change to Google. Another interesting component of this is that there is a “Freshness” component. Bing asks that all judges take freshness into account with their evaluation. There are three categories of freshness:

Each of these categories is applied to an individual search term. For example, if the search term is “new will ferrell movie” it would fall into the very likely fresh category. As a side note, I really don’t like this ranking system it’s a little too vague for me. Anyways…

There are some additional considerations for these human search engine result checkers. Apparently they look at the URL, misspellings, etc. Google also does this by the way.

When it’s all said and done hopefully this post gave you a little more info on the search engines we try so hard to get top rankings for.

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