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Bing Announces Emoji Search

Do you Emoji? If you’ve used a smartphone or been a part of any social media network in the past year or so, you’ve probably noticed a growing number of little cartoons and images inundating status updates, text messages, Tweets, etc. Those little smiley faces, pictures of food, animal heads, etc are called Emojis, and they are wildly popular.

Knowing the popularity of Emoji’s, everyone’s second favorite search engine, Bing, has stepped up their search game. In a recent blog post, Bing announced the support of Emojis during search in all English markets.

Bing Emoji Search

What’s cooler still is, when you’re using emoji’s, you might not always know the meaning of the icon or what is even is to begin with. With Bing’s new Emoji search support, you can simply insert the Emoji of your choice in the search bar, and BAM! You will know what the emoji means, helping you to properly use it in future texts and status updates.

Bing Emoji Search


And hey, aren’t you sick of typing out excruciatingly long words like “donut” and “apple?” With the new emoji support on Bing, you can simply insert an emoji in place of the word, and the search engine will recognize it and deliver the results you want.

Bing Emoji Search

To be quite frank, this sort of search-ability is pretty great. Especially the part about entering in an emoji and getting the definition. Talk about useful.

Bing has been stepping up their game recently.


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