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AT SEO Inc. we could not provide the level of service and expertise without the use of tools for SEO audits & analysis. There are a ton of useful  search engine optimization tools out there. So how do you know which to use? Here is a list of some of my favorite SEO tools for beginners.

Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Rank Checker
Almost everyone knows Rank Checker. And they should, it’s a great tool and an amazing way to check your rankings. Just don’t use it too much or Google may flag your IP as spam.

Google Keyword Tool
The good old Google external keyword tool has been a staple for search engine optimization for some time now. Use this tool to see what the search volume is for terms you want to optimize for.

This SEO tool provides a pretty comprehensive top level analysis of your site. It even gives some insight into the social media marketing of the site. Overall, it’s a decent first step in site analysis.

SEO Toolbar
SEOBook offers a toolbar that is fairly comprehensive. It allows you to check back links through yahoo, easily access sites like Dmoz and SemRush and overall get a good rundown of your site.

Similar Page Checker
If you work in SEO, or are learning it now, you know that duplicate content is an issue. Use this page to see the level of duplicate content on two URLs.

Alexa really isn’t an SEO tool, but it can give you some good insight into competitor’s sites. Run a couple sites through Alexa and check out the info provided. I really like the demographic information there. It can be powerful to know.

There are so many tools for SEO it is hard to know which ones to use at the right time. First, determine the area of SEO you are going to focus on. There is a great list of what helps search engines find your site here.

After you have figured out what area you want to focus on, pick the SEO tool that works best for you. If it is not on this list, perhaps you can find it on one of these lists. Good luck!

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