What We Learned Last Month About SEO – End of the Month Awards Recap

SEO Inc Awards Recap

SEO Inc., the San Diego internet marketing company, is off to a strong start this year!

We’ve been lucky enough to be awarded yet another string of awards—this time for February 2015.

During the last month, we saw some surprising (and not-so-surprising) outcomes to our efforts in being the best Internet marketing company in San Diego! And now we’re going to share what we’ve learned.

Just like last month, we’re going to revisit our successes (humbly, of course) and what we did to earn them! By following our example, hopefully, you’ll learn how you can improve your Internet marketing services.

Best Enterprise SEO Company

Promotion World awarded us the tremendous honor of their #1 Enterprise SEO Company for February 2015. According to the award, we exhibited flexibility as an Internet marketing services company by providing SEO at both a small business and enterprise level.

We like to think this award stemmed from one of our biggest accomplishments last month: removing another client’s Google penalty. We’ve removed penalties for clients with all sizes of business, so it’s heartening to see our approach to San Diego Internet marketing working on all levels!

So while it’s true that you can follow Google’s guide to submitting a reconsideration request, you also have to understand their rules on a global, universal level.

While Internet marketing in San Diego matters on the local scale, anyone can please the Great Google Machine. No matter where your business is from, it just takes flexibility and focused work.

Oh no. You have been found GUILTY and now you have a Google Penalty.

Best SEO Company

Promotion World and FindBestSEO were gracious enough to both bestow us their #2 spots for Best SEO Company!

Last month was good to us for more than just awards. The Google penalty removal we mentioned earlier was for our 12th client! Having 100% effectiveness in such a lengthy process is no small feat, so you’ll forgive us for being proud, won’t you?

Best SMO Company

Social media can be tough. So imagine our surprise to make Promotion World’s #3 and FindBestSEO’s #1 Best SMO company of February 2015!

As with most lessons you hear about social media marketing, it’s worth repeating that you have to stick with it to succeed with social media. There’s only one way to generate publicity through social media, and that’s through using it—even if it seems like nobody’s listening.

Best SEM Company

FindBestSEO awarded us their #3 Best SEM Company award for February 2015. Some Internet marketing San Diego companies must split up their website marketing services; we at SEO Inc. offer SEO, PPC, and more as a great all-around package for our clients.

It’s not enough to want to be the best San Diego Internet marketing company with only SEO. You also have to practice the best Internet advertising to compete truly.

Now, Go Forth and Rank

Internet Marketing San Diego isn’t built in a day—but you can get pretty far in a month or two! So, if you want to be recognized as we have at the top of San Diego Internet Marketing, take our advice:

  • Be flexible for your clients, whatever their size.
  • Keep up with social media.
  • Diversify your portfolio SEO services.
  • And lastly: Listen to Google, for Pete’s sake!

Whether you’re an online advertising company or a fledgling SEO agency, take heart—SEO is for marathoners. If you have what it takes to make your work matter over the long haul, you’ll get results. It’s as easy as that.

Thanks for your support yet again! And look forward to more great things from SEO Inc. this year!

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