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Opinion: As Long as There Are Search Results, There Will Be SEO

Every so often, someone declares that SEO is dead, or that it is no longer important, or that it has morphed from an amalgam into something intangible. What’s worse is that people actually start believing this. Let me assure you:

As long as there are search results, there will be SEO. There may be a difference in how it is done. It may no longer be easy, but that’ll be a good thing.

The early ease of SEO attracted a lot of fair weather friends. SEO used to be simple. That attracted a lot SEOs. Now it’s not, and now they’re giving up.

Not too long ago people were saying that, “social media is SEO.” It’s not. But that confusion is symbolic of these same SEOs failing grasps at understanding a field that maybe they weren’t well equipped to understand from the beginning.

There’s a lot of uncovered ground in SEO today. The majority of SEOs don’t see that. They’re comforted by the idea that everything to be discovered has already been discovered; and now all that they have to do is wait for Google to tell them what to do in a new blog or MOZ to make a tool for it. The SEOs that are waiting for this are behind the curve. The SEOs that are looking for an escape valve via redefining SEO are confused.

As long as there are search results, there will be SEO. The complexities of doing SEO in the future will not be forgiving for the SEOs that flourished from the simplicity of SEO yesterday. Unfortunately, that’s many of them. So yes, to these folks the prospects of SEO are dim.

On the other hand, I welcome the challenge. We here at SEO Inc. have some exciting things in store for you. Stay tuned.

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