Another One Bites the Dust: Optimized Anchor Text

Optimized Anchor Text

In a recent update from Google, optimized anchor text has been pegged as another no-no to SEOs. The Webmaster guidelines have been updated to include even more types of links that violate guidelines, such as low quality links, or those added specifically to manipulate PageRank. Keep reading for more information.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is fine, great even, when it contributes quality information to the industry. However, when it’s done on an extremely large scale with low quality content, with no intent other than to build mediocre links, it violates Google’s guidelines. Very large scale posts with exact match anchor text repeated over and over again will ultimately gain scrutiny from the all-knowing Google. Successful guest posting will involve unique topics, useful and accurate information, and natural linking practices.

Press Releases

This was a new addition. It’s been no secret that using exact match anchor text is akin to wading in dangerous Optimized Anchor Textwaters, but Google has now expanded that into saying “links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites” is now on the naughty list. Now, that’s not saying that press releases have one foot in the grave. It just means that if your press releases are being syndicated on other sites, your “optimized anchor text” links should be nofollowed from this point on. You’ll still get the benefit of the publicity, and avoid the wrath of Google in the process.

Google is truly cracking down on unnatural linking efforts, and this is only another example. This only reinforces the fact that the best way to acquire high quality links is to simply create high quality content that generates interest in your industry. Remember, content is king. Google’s link schemes document has been updated yet again, and I’m sure this won’t be the last update.

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