Google News Carousel Now for Accelerated Mobile Pages ONLY

Sorry, slowpokes—Google’s news carousel is for Accelerated Mobile Pages only now. Sites that aren’t AMPed won’t show up in this featured news area.

If you haven’t made the move to faster, better mobile pages, now you’ve got one more reason to.
No matter how important your news is, or how attention-grabbing the image you chose for it—you won’t show up in the news carousel if your webpage isn’t AMPed.

Non-AMP pages can still show up in the regular search listings. But without the benefit of being in the news carousel, users might not even scroll down to your site.

Get AMPed with the help of SEO Inc. and improve your search success!

Accelerated mobile pages will offer fast-loading pages on mobile devices, offering better accessibility for users.

The Importance of the News Carousel

The news carousel is a big deal for news and media publishers. The carousel makes finding answers easier for users on their phones or tablets. It features big image thumbnails and scrollability, which makes finding and consuming content a breeze. Now that these pages load super-fast thanks to Google AMP pages, hopping on the carousel is even more enticing.

Businesses that produce up-to-the-minute news posts can dominate users’ search feeds via the carousel. And now that the news carousel will only feature AMP pages, a page that isn’t AMPed will likely see a huge decrease in traffic.

Without that traffic, you could be losing conversions, sales, and leads, all because you didn’t upgrade to accelerated mobile pages. Is that worth it to you? We think the answer is an obvious “no way!”

Why the Big Push for Accelerated Mobile Pages?

You guessed it—search experience optimization. Google is all over this topic lately, and AMP is the latest push to get people’s webpages serving users, not search engines.

As they’ve stated before, Google AMP pages are designed to bring fast search results back to the web. Which means moving away from having to download apps to find what you need. Google’s main competition with AMP is Facebook’s Instant Articles, which released last month. AMP pages in the news carousel can give you an instant advantage, meaning if you aren’t AMPed yet you need to rethink your ways. Now is the time to place a high priority on joining the ranks of lightning-fast mobile pages.

AMP pages can take time to get crawled, as John Mueller recently revealed. So why stall your site’s performance? Get AMPed now and don’t get left behind!

Choose SEO Inc. to AMP your webpages up. We’ll add the necessary code, configure your ads, and get your pages updated. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get AMPed!

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