Is the Next Big Thing for Online Reputation Management? has been bought by AOL. The online startup was launched just a year ago and was acquired before it ever had a chance to do business, kind of sad… started allowing users to create profiles in September of 2010. But it had only been officially launched for a few days before AOL made an offer. While we don’t know how much was sold for, we do know that Tony Conrad, co-founder of and serial entrepreneur, has a close relationship with AOL. In 2008, Conrad sold his previous company “Sphere” to AOL for over 20 million.
Here is a Screenshot of the SEO Inc. Page is a simple website with a simple concept. Just sign up and create a profile about yourself or your business. Choose from a list of integration options, whether you would like to feature your Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, personal blog, Flicker account, etc, it is all possible. But what does this all mean for online reputation management? seems to be just another type of hub or lens creator. Ultimately, there does not seem to be anything new or interesting regarding this site. While this is the case, this site does create very clean URLs which could work well for occupying branded search space. In addition, these pages are incredibly easy to build, almost too easy. In fact, I created one for SEO Inc. in just a few minutes. Check it out:

In your profile statistics you have the ability to see the amount of views your profile has had, the amount of clicks people have engaged in on the page and the amount of links around the internet which are pointing to your site. You can also see the average time spent on the profile, total views and percent of new visitors.

In the Datastacks section you have the ability to view your total posts, this is pulled from the social accounts you have hooked up to, and your reach, which is a combination of your followers and friends that are associated with the account. Furthermore, gives you the opportunity to promote your profile thorough email, social media and embedded links.

All in all, could absolutely have implications in the future for online reputation management. If these subdirectory sites end up ranking well everyone will be diving in to get their hands on, not only their brand names, but also their biggest keywords.

What do you think? Will securing branded profiles be important for companies in the future?

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