A Whole New Facebook Released at F8: What to Expect [Breaking News]

Today Facebook released what looked to be a whole new product. This new version of Facebook released at F8 will be rolled out to users over the next few weeks. The biggest change is the Facebook Timeline feature, but there is a lot more that goes along with Facebook Timeline than you think. Here are some notes that we took during the Facebook presentation.

Facebook Timeline

The new Facebook Timeline feature is an information aggregation system that organizes all of the content you post to Facebook. The content is organized by time and importance. The Facebook Timeline feature will only surface the most important items. Facebook says, “Its how you can tell the whole story of your life on single page.”

Users can go back in time by clicking on the year in the right hand corner. It will not visibly list all things you did in a year, just the most important stuff. Blue dots will show the most important things, grey dots will show less important things. Nothing will be deleted. It will all be accessible. The less important items will be hidden.

You can add content to your timeline at any point in time. You can add something to a major life event, whether it is text or photos. You can filter your timeline down to one piece of content by clicking on the timeline view option. Content can be sorted by content type such as photos, video, updates, etc.

There are many ways to view the Facebook Timeline. One of the most impressive options is the Map Timeline view. You can see everywhere you have been on a map and it will list the amount of times you have been there. There is a music timeline where you can see all the music your friends have listen to as well.

Mark Zuckerburg, “We wanted to make timeline a place you are proud to call your home.”

This is an Example of Content from the Facebook Ticker
This is an Example of Content from the Facebook Ticker

You can place one nice large photo at the top of your timeline. They call it the “Cover.” New covers can be selected at anytime.

You can choose a new cover for your timeline by clicking on the star.

“You have complete control over everything on your timeline.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Timeline will be rolled out over the next couple months progressively.

You Don’t have to Just Like Things Anymore

You also do not have to like content anymore, you can interact with a piece of content however you want.

“You don’t have to like a movie, you can watch a movie. You don’t have to like a book, you can read a book. You can listen to a song. You can connect to anything anyway you want.” – Mark Zuckerberg

There is a new Feature Called the Ticker

People have things that they want to share but they don’t want to annoy their friends. There is a new place that is lighter weight called ticker. When you add activity through open graph it will go into ticker and the news feed. It is a new way to express light weight activity.

The ticker is a live stream of events. You can jump in and interact with people through the ticker. For example, if you see your friends playing games in the ticker. Then you can click on the ticker and jump in and see the game, then jump in and play.

Large Focus on Applications

In this new version of Facebook there is a large focus on applications. Applications will be added to the timeline as a grey dot. You can add someone else’s app to your timeline easily just by clicking on the app in your friends timeline.

There are new categories for Facebook applications.

New Categories for Apps: communication, games, media (music, movies, TV), lifestyle.

It will be a very easy process for people to add an app to a profile. To add an app, just click add to timeline. There is no step 2 you can just start using the app. The app will add information to your timeline for you automatically.

When you create an app, you need to think about what app updates belong in the opengraph. The app needs to output something in the timeline.

There are 6 different layout styles for apps and a flexible query engine.

The CTO stated that the most popular apps will be mobile apps.

There is a new technology called graph rank, this will rank all the apps submitted to Facebook. It finds out what activity is the most interesting to users. The higher your apps graph rank is for a user, the more likely the user will see it.

The apps that people love using the most will automatically be discovered on Facebook.

The main theme of the event was

  • Frictionless Experiences
  • Realtime Serendipity
  • Finding Patterns and Activity

How does the new Facebook sound to you so far? Comment below!

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