36 Things to Consider when Starting Google Shopping

Google Shopping is taking up more Google search real-estate than ever. Here are some things you should know about the new paid search advertising platform.

  1. To get started, go to http://www.google.com/merchants.
  2. When creating your feed make sure to fill out as many data fields as possible
  3. Optimize and update the feed daily for best results
  4. Make sure you are submitting high-quality images.
  5. Minimum Image Size: 250×250
  6. Maximum Image Size: 400×400
  7. Need to have good image resolution
  8. Make sure the image looks good to shoppers
  9. Does the image represent your product well?
  10. Will the image generate a click?
  11. The title can be up to 69 characters.
  12. Descriptions are recommended to be 500 to 1,000 characters. But you can go up to 10,000
  13. Make sure that titles and descriptions contain product keyword towards the front
  14. No promo text such as “free shipping.”
  15. Do not use block capitals
  16. Do not include a description of your store
  17. Make sure that robots.txt and rel=canonical are set up correctly
  18. There is no data quality score such as in AdWords, but you can check the Data Quality Tab to see how your feed is being processed
  19. The data in your feed much match the Data on your products landing page
  20. The price in your feed must match the most prominent price on your landing page
  21. The Dashboards tab lets you view active and disapprove products
  22. The Data feeds tab lets you submit your entire inventory and check unprocessed items
  23. The Products tab lets you see individual products
  24. The Data quality tab enables you to find your errors and find how to correct them
  25. The Performance tab allows you to view click data and other performance information
  26. The Settings tab lets you link your AdWords account, add users, etc.
  27. Unique Identifier Coverage describes the number of identifiers your feed has
  28. In many cases, feeds do not cover enough unique identifiers.
  29. A brand is required for most apparel.
  30. GTIN or MPN is required for all other products except custom made ones
  31. Errors can occur if your data contains unrecognizable or invalid attributes or lacks needed characteristics.
  32. You should start with a separate campaign when you start Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in AdWords.
  33. Do you have different text for different products? You should
  34. What is the primary goal of the campaign? Do you want traffic or sales? This will help you determine if you’re going to use CPC bidding or CPA bidding. CPS bidding is only available in the US.
  35. Set up an “All Products” product target.
  36.  The most common items and feed errors are:
    • Broken images
    • Errors on image URLs
    • Inaccessible image URLs

These are a few things to consider when starting Google Shopping. Have questions? Contact us today!

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