PPC Reporting

Can you handle the amount of information PPC generates?

Pay-Per-Click generates so much information that it’s quite easy to get lost in a report. Looking at every “interesting” statistic or piece of data can be fun, but it can also distract you from the information that matters to your PPC success. At SEO Inc., we focus on presenting the metrics that illustrate how PPC performance is impacting your sales and the diagnostics that monitor the health of your PPC account. Basically, we look at how you’re doing, so we can help you do better.

Personalized PPC Reporting

No two companies are the same — so don’t settle for auto-generated or cookie cutter PPC reports. To meet the unique needs of your campaign, SEO Inc. develops personalized templates for your reports. We also understand that as the campaign progresses your needs will change, and we'll make updates to your report format as required. 

In addition to level metrics, we also provide PPC reporting on top campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads for publishers, as well as KPIs like budget pacing. We report on these metrics with a paired illustration, so you can quickly and easily visualize how these numbers are trending over time.

And let’s remember the main reason for these reports: to see how we can improve your PPC success. That’s why at SEO Inc. each report includes recommendations for getting the best possible results from your PPC campaign. Within our PPC reporting, we analyze how the actual metrics compare to your goals and if the metrics are moving in the right direction. If not, we determine the factors that are inhibiting performance and suggest strategies to get your goals moving forward.

NOT a One-Way Conversation

At SEO Inc., we take an interactive approach to PPC reporting. Each PPC reporting period, we will discuss your campaign and ensure you have a thorough understanding of your metrics. If a metric is “off the mark” or unusual, we will explain why it happened, what it means, and how we can fix it. Additionally, we share what messaging works best, so you can use the information for other channels, like marketing and advertising.

To sum it up — we map out your goals, get your feedback, and together we prioritize our next actions to achieve your PPC goals.

How Our PPC Reporting Stands Out

  • Personalized PPC reports
  • Goal-based PPC reporting
  • Constant access to accounts – not all companies do this
  • Interactive campaign discussion

If you arent receiving all of these things, please contact us today, and well show you why PPC reporting matters.

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