PPC Adwords Remarketing

 What is Adwords Remarketing?

Thanks to Google’s vast display network, PPC advertising offers your ads the unique ability to follow your potential customer, after they leave your site, to wherever they decide to browse next. It’s really quite simple — when someone clicks on one of your PPC ads from Google, AdWords remarketing occurs, meaning that a cookie is set and will enable custom-tailored ads (text, banners, and even video) to appear on the websites they visit next. 

Remarketing is an extremely effective PPC campaign management technique that allows your ads to be seen again and again. Not only will your message reach previous website visitors, but because of the variety of formats and custom tailoring your ads will never be identical and will always be matched to the right people.  

The Rule of Seven is Back

To put it in basic terms, the “Rule of Seven” states that in order for a prospect to take action and buy or request information from you, they’ll need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times. In most cases of advertising, this is a pretty daunting piece of information; it can be hard enough to get your message out at all. Thankfully, unlike organic search and other forms of internet marketing, PPC remarketing enables one-time-visitors to be exposed to your message several more times, increasing the likelihood of that person coming back to buy.

Combine remarketing with rigorous keyword research and proper testing, and your conversions will skyrocket. Remarketing is not a marketing tool to take lightly — it’s the final piece of the puzzle needed for your PPC marketing to turn into a successful marketing strategy. Getting the initial clicks is the easy part, but converting those visitors requires a combination of creativity, testing, and then maximizing exposure to your visitor. AdWords remarketing allows you to get that maximum exposure. And at SEO Inc. our experts have the maximum knowledge on remarketing. 

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