PPC Display Remarketing Management Services

PPC Remarketing Services

Have you ever been browsing the internet and see an ad for a product that you were looking at the day before? We’ve pretty much all seen these types of ads, called “remarketing” ads. However, you may not be aware of exactly how effective these remarketing campaigns are.

PPC Remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a tool that allows you to take a group of people who have been to your website (say, for example, all of your site visitors for the past 6 months) and turn that groups of users into an audience that we can uniquely target with PPC advertisements.

At SEO Inc., we have been working with remarketing in Google AdWords since they first began, and we’ve been on the cutting edge ever since. Perhaps you’re advertising to website visitors through image ads on the Google Display Network (which reaches over 90% of all internet users)? SEO Inc. helps you craft quality Google display ads that not only reach users and spread your brand but also bring them to the website and convert them into sales. We also follow Google’s best practices on Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) ad for Shopping Ads (RLShA), which involves improving your cost per lead by targeting these website visitors more aggressively for your non-display ads.

AdWords Remarketing Management Scope of Work

Our AdWords remarketing management is second to none, and our full scope of work shows how involved we are with your remarketing efforts. Whether it’s for AdWords, Bing Ads, or even social media remarketing campaigns, we take care of everything you need, including:

  • Structured Remarketing Campaign Setup
  • Comprehensive Bidding Strategy & Budget Management
  • Conversion & Call Tracking
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Analysis
  • Landing Page & Conversion Rate Consultation
  • Competitive Intelligence Analysis
  • Regular Meetings with a Dedicated PPC Manager
  • Detailed Monthly Reports

To be able to beat your competitor’s ads, you need to connect to users that are interested in your website before they do. As a Premier Google Partner, SEO Inc. has access to tools and beta releases from Google that most other agencies don’t. Retargeting gives your ads an edge over the competition, reaching those users before your competitors even see you coming. To make your decision even more comfortable, SEO Inc. can create for you a personalized plan for improving your remarketing presence, utterly free of charge. Contact us today to get started ASAP!

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