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5 Reasons to Hire SEO Inc. as Your PPC Marketing Company

Since 1997, SEO Inc. has been an industry leading PPC advertising Company. We are a Google AdWords Qualified Company, and our professionals are certified by Google and Bing. Hiring a certified Pay Per Click Advertising Agency gives your company the opportunity to have a direct relationship with Google and be a part of beta testing new products & services being offered by the search engines. But that isn't all you get when you hire SEO Inc.

PPC Account Analysis

As a leading pay per click management agency, we feel that it is critical that your existing PPC accounts are analyzed thoroughly prior to working with SEO Inc. If we can’t make improvements to your campaigns, we will tell you. If you haven’t started a campaign, we will review the competitive landscape to assess the opportunity before you start spending marketing dollars.

SEO Inc.’s PPC Account Managers work closely with their clients to develop a strategy based on your campaign goals and customize that strategy to take advantage of existing opportunities in your targeted markets. This includes detailed keyword analysis, conducting thorough competitor research both prior to and after launch, and using established campaign development techniques to map a detailed route to paid search success. 

Professional Approach

Our PPC marketing experts implement a time‐proven methodology to every PPC advertising campaign. The in‐depth process is a cycle of initial study, analysis, customization, optimization, measurement, and refinement to increase your online market reach and maximize the ROI. Our team employs both manual and automated advanced bidding strategies to ensure nothing “falls through the cracks”.

PPC advertising is not a guessing game. Rather, it is a balance of analytics and marketing creativity. Before any changes are made, comprehensive research and analysis must be conducted to guide decisions and measure effects. SEO Inc. is an extension of your marketing department, and our PPC Management service is an end-to-end solution which includes all aspects needed for successful campaigns.

Highly Qualified People with Previous PPC Management Agency Experience

SEO Inc. requires each PPC Manager to be certified by Google (the certification is required to be renewed every 2 years). In order to get the certification, employees must take part in an intensive training program and pass a comprehensive examination. They are also required to have extensive previous experience managing PPC accounts at a PPC marketing agency.

Our Account Managers possess a unique combination of skills including a complete understanding of the technical aspects of PPC, marketing, account management, data and marketing analysis, and client service.

Our team also has extensive experience across a large number of industries and campaign goals, including:

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Subscription
  • Traffic

Our PPC Account Managers are always available to clients, each of our clients have a single point of contact with a dedicated PPC Account Manager who offers personalized techniques customized to specific account conditions and customer goals. Whether developing a PPC campaign from scratch or optimizing an existing paid search effort, SEO Inc.’s team of certified managers takes the guesswork out of PPC marketing with proven methods that leverage insider techniques to start your PPC advertising campaign running smoother, faster.

Cutting‐Edge Technology

SEO Inc. utilizes the latest PPC campaign management technology to support our strategic procedures—not in place of them.  While many agencies simply “plug and chug” keywords into PPC bid management software and restrict manual assessment of keyword performance, we utilize cutting edge software to augment the paid search management evaluation and implementation processes.

At the same time, your campaigns are set in the management tool to manage your bids 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that you aren’t overpaying for any keywords, and that you maintain proper positioning.  SEO Inc. also has a reporting tool that consolidates all search campaigns and boasts an on demand reports center for better decision making.

Strategic PPC Campaign Development

With thousands of keywords to choose from, organization is a vital aspect of a successful strategy.  Your PPC Manager will optimize the account to most effectively reflect your business.  Plus, with the emergence of quality-based scoring, first developed by Google and now being replicated within the other search engines, it is critical for PPC campaigns to be approached with strategic methodology in order to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this new scoring system.  

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