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Our Pay Per Click Management Company Save's Your Time

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving, competitive Pay Per Click landscape, managing Pay Per Click campaigns in house becomes more and more difficult and time-consuming. Hiring a pay per click management company allows companies to focus on their core business objectives and leave the marketing to experts whose sole purpose is to bring positive ROI from their PPC campaigns.

  • PPC Campaign Management is a high-maintenance activity
  • Effective PPC campaigns cannot be set on autopilot or have a “set it and forget” mentality

Hiring our Pay Per Click Management Company Helps You Maximize ROI

  • If your company is committed to PPC and/or social media management, there are two ways to get it done. You can hire someone to manage the campaigns in-house, or you can hire a PPC management company.
  • The best pay per click management companies already have proven strategies to increase ROI. They have the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Hiring SEO Inc as your PPC management company saves you the expense of hiring an in‐house employee to manage your company’s search engine marketing efforts. Even in the smaller markets, an entry level PPC marketer, with less than 2 years of experience, will cost at least $45 to $60 thousand per year in salary, overhead and benefits. You also have to worry about being able keep them.
  • PPC Management Agencies know how to hire, train, and retain PPC marketers and also have a management support structure. Hiring someone in-house means that you have to worry about employee attrition.

Experienced Pay Per Click Professionals

  • PPC Management companies have proven methods developed internally that help eliminate the “guesswork” and can get your account running smoother and faster.
  • PPC Management companies also strictly abide by the ad copy rules set in place by the search engines.
  • Pay‐Per‐Click management companies also have insider search engine knowledge and are the first to learn about new products and services from search engine representatives.
  • Pay-Per-Click Management companies can more easily adapt to the evolving marketplace and external environment.

Bid/Campaign Management Tools

Successful PPC marketing requires skilled and creative human marketers, but without great technology to aid them, PPC marketers are limited. Most PPC management agencies have PPC bid management tools to update client bids to target position 365 days a year, which means peace of mind for you. These tools are expensive and have a learning curve even for experienced PPC Marketers. The best PPC management companies tend to have the best technology in addition to experienced marketers. Technology for PPC campaign management aids with automation of bid management, rapid deployment of changes and new campaigns, and real-time analysis and updates.

SEO Inc Pay Per Click Management Allows Our Clients To Beta Test New Services

PPC Management companies are typically the first to find out about and beta test new services being offered by the search engines. SEO Inc. clients have been able to test out many new services over the years as a result of being a client. This allows us to learn the new systems and get a head start on the competition prior to the market becoming saturated with new companies using the new services. The SEM industry is constantly changing; in order to keep up, pay per click agencies often attend/participate in tradeshows, conferences, forums, and trainings.

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