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SEO Inc. is a Google Adwords Certified PartnerYou have the traffic. Now let’s generate more sales through Conversion Rate Optimization.

We’ve researched and chosen your keywords. We’ve built structured campaigns and Ad Groups. We’ve created ads that specifically target your ideal customer and adequately filter out unwanted clicks. Now it’s time to convert the traffic and maximize your campaign’s PPC quality score and more revenue. This is where the PPC Management experts at SEO Inc. come in to assist with your (CRO) conversion rate and landing page optimization. Best practices yield the best conversion results, and the sooner you can implement them, the better off you’ll be.

Our tried and true landing page optimization best practices include:

1) PPC Landing Page Development - Conversion Rate Optimization

Your landing page is the first visual introduction to your company — it showcases your brand’s best qualities and delivers a message. People scan these pages quickly, so they need to be organized in a way that will turn these viewers into customers without having to read a lot of information. SEO Inc. will customize and develop your landing pages to be:

         1. Visually appealing

         2. Easy to read

         3. Easy to frequently test for conversion rates

         4. Easily adaptable for updates

         5. Reinforcing of your brand’s mission

         6. Get the maximum conversions on paid and organic clicks

2) PPC Landing Page Testing and CRO Testing

Even if you have in-house resources to create your own pages, your SEO Inc. team will test the landing pages and consult with your team to improve conversions. No matter how beautiful or sleek your pages may look, without tests there’s simply no way to ensure that you’re successfully monetizing your traffic.

We employ the use of different tests to check your landing page conversion optimization. These include:

   1. A/B split - to compare direct results between your new and old landing pages

    2. PPC Multivariable - to see how even small layout detail changes and testing alter your conversion rate

    3. Total-experience - to test how viewers react to the page as a whole

With rising click costs and saturated markets, landing page and conversion rate optimization has never been more critical to PPC (pay per click) and organic search success. Still, it’s just one part of a successful PPC / Organic SEO campaign. Whether it’s link building or landing page optimization, tips from the Internet won’t cut it. Instead, pick up where the Internet leaves off, and receive personalized development from the experts at SEO Inc.

Contact us today, and find out how SEO Inc. delivers a complete PPC Management solution!

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