Keyword Research

The ever-important keywords. How will anyone find you without them?

Using the most advanced keyword research tools available, SEO Inc. performs a keyword analysis across all of the major search engines. We identify and optimize for the keywords which are most likely to convert to sales or leads and are relevant to your business and PPC campaign goals.  We also look for the “hidden gems” that are part of the “long-tail” and often overlooked. These have high potential to bring extremely targeted customers to your web site.

Keyword research/development is a cornerstone of SEO Inc.'s Paid Search campaign implementation. Through increasing keyword costs and a saturated marketplace, advertisers diversify their keyword investments to include all silos of keywords—from broad, popular keywords to long-tail phrases.  The idea is to unearth value through identifying targeted keywords; a campaign that is too top heavy with broad, untargeted keywords (which drive traffic and costs) has an undue stress placed upon it.

Find Keywords that will Convert

Our PPC marketing managers are specifically trained to place heavy emphasis on keywords which are projected to convert into sales, qualified leads, or whatever your conversion goals may be.  While we know broad keywords are still very necessary and useful in order to place your company in front of the vast majority of potential customers, our aim is to balance that traffic with deeper groups of keywords that are much more targeted and effective in driving a robust return on your ad spending.  No matter your budget, this strategy delivers more value for your PPC marketing dollars.

How do we identify keywords that convert?

How does SEO Inc. exactly identify keywords that will be productive in a holistic paid search marketing campaign?  We use a mix of free and paid tools which show keyword inventories and keyword bid trends.  Also included in our keyword research is the ability to mine your competitors’ keyword lists, which offers more than just additional keywords.  Through this competitive insight, we can determine their strategy and market penetration, which is useful when you have specific competitors you want to outdo in the paid search environment. 

  • Do you already have a comprehensive keyword list? 
  • Do you know what is on your competitor’s keyword lists?
  • Are you familiar with broad, phrase, and exact match keyword types?
  • Are you using negatively matched keywords?

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