PPC Campaign Management

SEO Inc. is a Google Adwords Certified PartnerAre your current PPC campaigns structured in a way that allows decisions to be made easily and accurately?

PPC Advertising provides the ultimate opportunity to reach potential customers who are interested in their product or service. Too often, mismanaged PPC campaigns are a result of poor organization.  SEO Inc. clients benefit from a PPC Management campaign structure and strategy which facilitates informed business decisions to drive revenue.

An effectively optimized paid search campaign can generate and manage thousands of goal-oriented keywords. If your business lacks a proven strategy to manage such large keyword lists, they become unwieldy and inhibit decisions with misleading data. At SEO Inc., we place tightly themed silos of keywords in Ad Groups alongside targeted ads which deliver visitors to highly relevant landing pages. This strategy allows us to optimize groups of keywords in a controlled environment, using statistically relevant performance metrics. When the aggregate of keyword groupings can be accurately measured, it leads to informed decisions and strategies that are molded to focus on keywords that have positive short and long-term revenue potential.

Optimized PPC Campaign:

Providing the foundation for Quality Scores as well as optimization, the campaign structure may be the most fundamental element of a successful search campaign.  SEO Inc.’s optimized campaign structure provides for budget allocation flexibility as well as the foundation to ease business decisions.

Pay Per Click Quality Score Strategies

Too often, we see clients come to us with poor Quality Scores which drag down their profits or completely mask the real potential of product offerings. By staying on top of all Quality Scoring algorithm updates and using unique campaign structures and ad development and landing page techniques, we are able to help correct previous Quality Score challenges or establish new Quality Scores, which will positively impact all aspects of your campaign. We are also able to build new campaigns if Quality Scores of existing campaigns are too low to improve. This is only available to Google certified companies and not achievable by individual companies.

The process of achieving a successful paid search campaign requires ongoing data analysis. Your PPC Account Manager monitors all of your campaigns on a regular basis. This data analysis will help the campaign improve over time by maximizing each dollar spent to deliver a robust return on ad spend (ROAS). Our goal is to drive the most qualified traffic available within your space that is most likely to take your desired action when they reach your web site at the most cost-effective price points possible. 

SEO Inc. has also partnered with Acquisio, a technology provider, to leverage advanced bidding and positional strategies to ensure that you are not overspending for keywords and also to help you gain a competitive advantage over other sites bidding on the same keywords.  In moving beyond archaic bid management, SEO Inc. is dedicated to tracking and optimizing your campaigns, leveraging both sophisticated ROI tracking algorithms and the extensive experience of our certified Paid Search Managers.

Advanced Elements of Pay Per Click Campaign Management

Keyword Delivery Control
In order to reach our stated goals, one major aspect we need to ensure is that the data we are basing our optimization on is as accurate as possible.  Because broad match and exact match keyword traffic often behave in a unique fashion, we use an advanced technique known as “negative embedded match” in unison with a custom campaign structure. The end result is “clean data,” which limits outlier traffic and produces accurate, actionable data. Using “clean data” is crucial during optimization because “dirty data” will mask the true value of individual keywords and entire campaigns.

PPC Bid Management
Using the “clean data,” we are better able to develop and tweak bid rules for the highest level of ROAS (return on ad spend as possible). We can also intricately work with you to develop custom bidding strategies. If you have an e-commerce website or know the exact value of lead, we will develop revenue or margin-based bid strategies and rules to maximize your return.  Once we have set our targets, we use a hybrid implementation which will automate much of your long-tail keywords while providing daily human monitoring of your most crucial keywords and manually implement many of the bid suggestions provided by our bidding platform.

PPC Campaign Integration with SEO
As a leading internet marketing agency founded on the principles of search engine optimization, we not only recognize but fully accept the value that a truly integrated search marketing strategy can offer. Through positional analysis, adjusted messaging, more disciplined keyword conversion goals and shared intelligence, there is tremendous opportunity for cross-SEM collaboration. Studies have shown that concurrently running paid search campaigns alongside high organic rankings can increase clicks by 92% and increase actions by up to 45%.

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