PPC Ad Development

Do you know how to craft the most effective ads to drive people to click through to your landing page versus your competitor?

Many people look at pay per click marketing as a technical task that simply requires someone to learn how to use the Google AdWords or Bing platforms. When they don't succeed, they blame it on the cost of ads and competitiveness of their industry. Using robust PPC ad development and testing, we create the best PPC ads for our client's campaigns and turn failing PPC campaigns into money-generating machines for clients by using our experience as marketers. Understanding human buying behavior, having an instinct for words that attract the right types of clicks, and repelling people that are unlikely to convert into a customer is the art of PPC Marketing.

  • What are you saying to customers when you place PPC ads on search engines? 
  • Do the messages in your ads reinforce your total brand positioning?
  • Do you attract the right kind of visitors with those ads?
  • Do your landing pages support the message in your ads?

Ads on search engines are often your first impression on a potential customer.  These ads deliver an incredible opportunity to control and test your message, attract motivated visitors, and filter out unwanted traffic.  The challenge is accomplishing all these goals in 70 characters or less; a creative and experienced hand is crucial if advertisers want to achieve their objectives.

Ad Development Requires a Marketer's Touch

At SEO Inc., our team is experienced with writing and testing ads in a wide variety of industries. Your paid search campaign will be developed with a comprehensive strategy and then meticulously tested throughout the lifespan of our management. This includes emphasizing differentiation and calls to action, which is reinforced on your landing pages. When keyword popularity in a given paid search environment is top heavy, it makes small groups of keywords expensive. Our synergistic effort ties in tight keyword groups, specific ad messaging, and compelling landing pages to help advertisers overcome such a competitive marketplace.

Are your ads delivering you targeted, revenue-driving traffic?  If you’re not sure or want to find out how your ads can be improved, request a free PPC audit from an SEO Inc. Consultant today!

Ad Testing & Refinement Process

Turning failing campaigns into successful ones often starts with analyzing the performance of ads. When SEO Inc. launches a new campaign, we implement multiple ads for all the keywords right from the beginning. As time goes by, our PPC marketers analyze the data to eliminate ads that aren't working and to try new variations of ads that are.

Optimization of ads consists of a few primary elements:

  1. Understanding human behavior (writing ads people want to read)
  2. Message discipline
  3. Robust testing  
  4. Analyzing the data from the campaigns

Striking the right balance between attracting a quantity of traffic (for robust click-through rates and higher Quality Scores) while filtering out unmotivated traffic that is not likely to complete your desired actions is the number one goal for PPC ad copy. Ads are developed using aspects of your brand, offers, or information; they can be sales-driven or a combination message. It is critical that your best PPC ads generate clicks; the message is crucial for this aspect, but it must align with your specific goals (cost per lead or sale or ROAS) while taking into full account the larger macro considerations of how keywords and ad groups affect each other (Quality Score implications). 

The next step to making massive improvements to PPC campaigns is to ensure that your landing pages support the ads and to test and optimize those landing pages for conversions.
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