SEO Inc Reviews and Client Testimonials

SEO Inc. is proud to have been able to work with and help hundreds of companies over the years with Search Engine Optimization, PPC, and Social Media Marketing services. Our SEO Inc Reviews and client testimonials below offer a small glimpse of the successes that we have been able to achieve, and they offer proof of our commitment to outstanding results and client service.

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SEO Inc. is unique, you stand out from the competition and I truly applaud all you have done. Quotes Bottom

Leony Gonzalez, Web Marketing Manager AccuData America
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We are a very satisfied client of SEO Inc. Our traffic has increased substantially as well as a significant increase in the quality of our leads. Their efforts have contributed to a 40% increase in our sales. Garry and his team have been great to work with...the bottom line is that SEO Inc. delivers results...the rest of them just talk about it.  Quotes Top

Mark Denham, President, 247 Workspace
Quotes Top has quadrupled their visitors thanks to SEO Inc. They have adjusted our pages, and given us recommendations to make ourselves. They have made us one of the top timeshare companies in the world. Their account manager for us has been very responsive to our needs. Quotes Bottom

Mike Barton, Owner at
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Thanks to SEO Inc, we have become more prevalent in our industry which has always been very competitive. Our rankings have gone from 9th or 10th page to 1st or 2nd position on every keyword we are targeting! Because of their ability in the SEO world, all of our employees will be enjoying a nice sized bonus this winter. Thanks SEO Inc! Quotes Bottom

Seth Weeing, Officer at SuperWarehouse
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I am one happy SEO client. We are a small business (less than 20 employees) and had wasted thousands on bogus search engine companies in the past... The day I made [the decision to go with SEO Inc] we were getting about 1600 unique visitors from search engines each day. Today, 14 months after I signed up with SEO, I'm getting 4,600 unique visitors from search engines each day, and my gross sales have increased 55%. Three words...WORTH EVERY PENNY. Quotes Bottom

Pete Werner, Owner of Werner Technologies
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SEO Inc's website optimization techniques have increased the number of unique visitors to our website over the past year by 766% and has made a significant difference in the growth of our business. Quotes Bottom

Jeff Reinstein, CEO of Premier Business Centers
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I am pleased to inform you of additional interest in the progress at Noble Industries.  Our successful growth has brought about interest from several elected officials.   As you recall last year the mayor and several local officials came for a tour.  With our marketing efforts, our internet presence & involvement with the City of Noblesville, others are beginning to take notice and want to know about our success in these uncertain economic times. Quotes Bottom

Brenda Snyder, Vice President of Sales Noble Industries, Inc.
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SEO Inc has really delivered on every expectation. We have been very impressed! Quotes Bottom

Neal Tiles, President