SEO Inc. Teaches Another Sold Out Three Day Course at UCSD

August 20, 2013 — Carlsbad, California — SEO Inc., a 17 year leading internet marketing company  and the University of California San Diego are offering a training course on search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media. This class is running this week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, August 21st through the 23rd.

For the last 5 years, students have been able to earn 3 credits in this SEO and SEM course. Students learn how to optimize websites, increase web visibility, increase brand awareness, and increase online sales and conversions. SEO gives companies a great competitive edge, and now students have access to the information that can help them in their own website development.

SEO Inc. is thrilled to be offering students an opportunity to have an inside look at SEO and SEM. Jennifer Kingston will be teaching the SEO portion of the course, with Ryan Farner and Eythor Westman teaching the social media and PPC portions of the class, respectively.

Jennifer Kingston will be teaching the majority of the class and will cover search engine optimization best practices and theories. With over six years of experience in SEO and nearly 10 years of experience in marketing, the San Diego native is excited to be teaching the SEO class at UCSD. All three instructors have a great history with SEO Inc, are experts in their areas, and are looking forward to teaching at UCSD again.

The SEO portion of class will be held on Wednesday the 21st, and Thursday the 22nd. Social media and PPC will be held on Friday the 23rd. SEO Inc. also has plans to augment the UCSD course with an in-house SEO course as an additional resource for students and business owners alike.

Students have enjoyed the class in the past, and will again have access to the knowledge that will help them begin their own enterprises and allow them a leg up on the competition in the world of digital and internet marketing. Students will learn about appropriate keyword strategies, link earning, paid search, and many different social media channels. For students who weren’t able to access the class this time, there will be another course offered in November.

About SEO Inc:
As a 17 year old veteran in internet marketing, social media, online reputation management, and pay-per-click management,  SEO Inc. has a history of 17 years of groundbreaking progress in the industry. The company was founded by Garry Grant, and continually provides superior results in paid search, social media management, content writing and optimization, and of course, searches engine optimization.