SEO Inc. Announces Launch of New Website Designed to be Informational Hub with Better Navigation

In an effort to fully inform and better serve current and potential clientele, Search Engine Optimization Inc., a leading SEO Company, has launched a new website which features improved usability and search engine-friendly design. The new website, found at SEO inc, is not only a marketing and sales tool but also a full scale informational hub.

"We are excited to have created this extensive portal for integrated Search Engine Marketing," said Garry Grant, President and CEO of SEO Inc. "This powerful and robust navigation system is second to none in the SEO industry and our content management system is the most search engine optimized ever devised."

The website creates a new web presence for SEO Inc. as it exemplifies SEO's mission: to provide professional, highest quality optimization services and visibility for clients. SEO Inc. has incorporated these elements into their own website for better customer service, helping prospective and current clients find them.

Improved navigation features make the new site robust, scalable and user friendly. Both categorical and sitemap style menus help viewers visit practically every page with a single click of the mouse. Elements on the site are placed according to the way users view and interact with the site, and information is easy to find so no "hunting" is required.

To remain a constant source for valuable search engine optimization news and updates, the new SEO Inc. website is powered by an innovative content management system that was developed in-house. This system streamlines news and articles automatically and adds them to the menu structure and sitemap. All departments inside of SEO Inc. can contribute to and impact the growth of the site by submitting articles ranging from best optimization practices to the newest in SEO software.

As always, SEO Inc. implements only ethical optimization practices for its site and the sites of its clients. SEO Inc. does not use or promote linking, advertising or optimization schemes that are meant to manipulate search engines. In an industry inundated with "black hat" search engine marketing techniques, SEO Inc. continues to apply only ethical service for utmost credibility and accuracy.

To experience SEO Inc.'s innovative website firsthand, visit or call 877-736-0006 to learn more about website optimization.

About Search Engine Optimization Inc.

Search Engine Optimization Inc. is an integrated search engine marketing agency that specializes in achieving high rankings for their clients on the Internet's major search engines. SEO Inc. creates highly targeted optimization campaigns geared towards unique online business objectives. Leveraging more than 40 years of combined Internet marketing experience, SEO Inc.'s certified search engine specialists have developed and honed a suite of highly effective, proprietary optimization and marketing methodologies that have placed more than 300 leading corporations in the top rankings of world's leading search engines.