Search Engine Integrates with Sitecore

Search Engine Integrates with Sitecore CMS

Copenhagen, Denmark - July 17, 2006 - Open standards-based CMS software firm, Sitecore, and enterprise search technology firm, Mondosoft, have debuted a preview of MondoSearch for Sitecore CMS.

Michael Seifert, CEO of Sitecore Corporation commented, "Sitecore is very pleased to offer this new tight integration with MondoSearch to our partner network. MondoSearch helps visitors quickly find the right content and BehaviorTracking supports the web administrator in the optimization process after installation. Our Solution Partners' customers will benefit from a versatile content management system, that includes advanced search analytics functions for the first time. Mondosoft is excited to team with Sitecore. Our distribution channels are very similar and we believe that Mondosoft and Sitecore can support each other in our go-to-market strategy."

Mondosoft is offering a free Technology Preview Edition of the integration to all Mondosoft or Sitecore partners worldwide. The software comes with a demo script which provides partners with a quick overview of the features and benefits of the add-on. MondoSearch for Sitecore CMS adds the following search and search analytics capabilities to Sitecore CMS:

  • Set up MondoSearch categories and languages in Sitecore
  • Detailed information about what visitors have searched for and found (Search and Result Page)
  • Add search engine metadata to the site
  • Customize Search and Result page in Sitecore
  • Filter and return secure search results
  • Configure MondoSearch from within Sitecore
  • BehaviorTracking Top Lists as portlets for Sitecore
  • BehaviorTracking Search Terms details in Sitecore
  • BehaviorTracking details document items in Sitecore

The new integration is designed to allow MondoSearch and BehaviorTracking to work directly from Sitecore's CMS solution. According to the company, MondoSearch will be the first search engine to work from within Sitecore CMS, and will give web administrators the ability to access search and search analytics data directly from the well-known Sitecore environment. The final software integration is scheduled for release in Q4 2006.

Laust Sondergaard, CEO of Mondosoft added, "The Sitecore environment is .NET-based and presents unlimited development and integration opportunities We have decided to give our partners the opportunity to try the software immediately, and I'm sure they will be thrilled when they see what we have developed."

Mondosoft provides technology that is designed to enable enterprises and mid-sized companies to maximize the return on investment of knowledge aggregation and online marketing efforts. Mondosoft produces information retrieval systems and search and optimization tools that function as business intelligence systems based on the knowledge creation and retrieval process. Mondosoft supports a large number of portal and content management applications including Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint Portal Server, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft CMS and Microsoft Commerce Server.

The company's product line consists of an advanced, multi-lingual search engine suite (MondoSearch, BehaviorTracking, InformationManager and a cutting-edge taxonomy toolset, providing business intelligence on information creation, search, retrieval and usage of the information. Mondosoft provides a range of automatic and manual information optimization tools and modules that enable organizations to conduct retrieval and creation optimization on the corporate knowledge creation process. Mondosoft customers include Bosch, Burger King Corporation, Coleman. Hilton Hotels, Honeywell Process Solutions, Microsoft, Overnight Transportation, People's Bank, Shell Oil, Siemens, SimCorp, The Swiss Army, TDC, The Vatican Holy See and United Technologies. Founded in 1998, Mondosoft has dual headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and Palo Alto, California, as well as branch offices in Asia and Europe.

Sitecore provides .NET web content management and portal software to mid-market commercial, non-profit and government organizations requiring enterprise-class functionality, integration and scalability. With standard features like forums, newsletters, forms and RSS integration, Sitecore delivers immediate value. Flexible and extensible, the Sitecore platform enables the delivery of web solutions and enterprise integrations quickly. Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, Word and InfoPath make Sitecore a natural fit within Microsoft environments. Sitecore's network of Certified Sitecore Partners endeavors to provide customers with consulting, implementation and support services. Amongst customers are a range of major corporations, including, ABN Amro, GlaxoSmithKline, FMC, Beiersdorf, Webtrends, Netgear, Experian Group, Pepsico and Infocus along with a long list of public organizations such as King and Suffolk Counties.

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