SEO Inc Now Recognized by Google as a Qualified Google Advertising Professionals Company

SEO inc. is a Google Adwords Qualified CompanyA full service search engine optimization firm, has just received recognition from Google distinguishing the company as a Qualified Google Advertising Professionals Company. In order to be considered for this recognition, a company must manage many large accounts and demonstrate complete mastery of the Google AdWords system over a period of time. 

Qualified Google Advertising Professional Companies must employ at least five individuals who are Qualified Google Advertising Professionals. All of SEO Inc.'s account managers are Qualified Google Advertising Professionals.

"Ongoing education and training is just one of many factors that differentiate us from our competitors" says Garry Grant, CEO "SEO Inc has been doing Pay Per Click Management since before adopted the name of Overture in 2001. SEO Inc has stepped up to the challenge of getting our team Google certified to go well above the minimum requirements needed for a "Qualified Google Advertising Professionals Company" Grant adds. SEO Inc currently has 10 Google Qualified Advertising professionals to handle the growing numbers of Pay Per Click Managed clientele. The CEO also holds the credentials of a Google Qualified Professional.

The qualification program included a comprehensive exam that each individual must complete before receiving recognition. The program ensures a level of performance and proficiency with managing large Google AdWords accounts.