New SEO Inc Toolbar Version 2.0

SEO Inc a professional Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing agency that specializes in achieving high rankings for their clients on the Internet's major search engines, has just launched the newest version, 2.0, of their already top-rated SEO Inc Toolbar . SEO Inc Toolbar V2.0 facilitates tracking and monitoring of any Web site, allowing users to quickly view site stats and data within seconds all from one centralized location.

As search engine optimization continues to gain recognition as an invaluable Internet marketing strategy, the SEO Toolbar v2.0 is a necessity for every online business seeking top rankings in top search engines. The SEO Inc Toolbar V2.0 goes above and beyond v1.7 to offer not only engine data, but more comprehensive searching capabilities, ranking comparisons, site data and network data.

"Since the SEO Inc Toolbar V2.0 is non proprietary it gives a lot more flexibility and control to the end user," said Garry Grant ,CEO of SEO Inc. "For a webmaster, business owner or marketing executive trying to check out a Web site, it's an absolutely essential tool to install because it's quick, easy and comprehensive data is readily available."

The SEO Toolbar v2.0 allows users to search the Web via 11 different engines all at one place. Users can select one search engine and it will persist across browser sessions. Advanced search is available through Google, MSN, Yahoo! and AltaVista with specifications for language, file format, date, domain, number of results and more.

With one click a comprehensive report never before available to everyday Internet users shows how search engines analyze and view a Web site, revealing useful details that may not be apparent in normal browser windows. From a simple drop down menu, users can access valuable keyword density percentages and see how their Web site ranks for a distinct keyword or phrase across the top three engines, Yahoo!, MSN and Google.

Engine data options on the SEO Toolbar v2.0 retrieve linking information from major search engines all at once, showing link popularity for a specific Web page, plus cache date, number of indexed pages and directory inclusion status.

The network data drop down menu is especially helpful for Web developers who want to see more background information on a site, such as URL IP addresses, page loading time, Pings, Whois data and response headers, all in just a few clicks.