Innovative Social Media Management Service

SEO Inc., an industry leading social media marketing and search engine optimization company, has announced a new suite of Social Media Management services to support small, medium and large businesses alike. The services were designed by SEO Inc. experts to help companies grow and stimulate their social communities, increase SEO traffic and build companies online reach.

"This service has been tremendously successful for our clients." said Dalton Grant, Director of Social Media. "SEO Inc. will set up and manage your blog and social communities for you. This liberates small and medium businesses from having to figure things out as they go, letting you concentrate on running your businesses."

SEO Inc. social media management services are focused on blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and niche social sites. The social media management service generates search and social media referral traffic to your website and increases the size of your social communities while growing your brand recognition across the web.

The social media management services provided by SEO Inc. go beyond simply updating a Facebook page. SEO Inc. ensures that all of your social profiles are set up correctly, engages the communities, monitors your communities, and creates quality editorial content that is not only optimized for search engines but also stimulates discussion and sharing on top social sites. Furthermore, this strategy also has benefits in the area of online reputation management.

"We have delivered search engine marketing services for over 19 years; our integration of search and social media really sets us apart. Many companies are jumping into social media marketing because it is the latest thing, but they lack the know how and experience to be successful. We deliver a high-touch service complete with the technical and creative abilities needed to succeed."

As more and more companies are being penalized for poor SEO practices, SEO Inc. is taking an approach that is Google endorsed.

"We are taking the load off in-house marketing teams and offering a service that Google recommends. These services are an exciting addition to the viral marketing, creative link building and social media optimization services we already offer in this department of our digital agency."

To learn more about social media marketing or get a case study on some of the successes achieved through social media management and viral marketing campaigns, call SEO Inc., at 877-736-0006 or visit

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Search Engine Optimization Inc. is a full service internet marketing agency specializing in search engine marketing, social media marketing, and web development. Their team has more than 120 years of combined internet marketing experience.

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