New and Improved SEO Toolbar Version 1.7

Designed to eliminate the time involved in researching key optimization parameters, Search Engine Optimization Inc Toolbar V1.7 employs cutting-edge proprietary technology to facilitate the seamless tracking and monitoring of a website's optimization parameters on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL.

In addition a drop down list that allows users to choose from nine distinct search properties when conducting a keyword query, SEO Inc Toolbar enables users to quickly determine the total number of inbound links to their own URL and the URLs of top-ranked competitors as well as the total number of links used by each individual search engine in ranking a given site. Savvy online marketers can utilize SEO Inc Toolbar to monitor inbound links to their own website and competing websites, ensure that they remain link partners with the most authoritative external sites, and devise tactful strategies to rectify losses or deficiencies in their link popularity. The new, multi-threaded SEO Inc Toolbar Version 1.7 now enables users to perform these functions up to five times faster than ever before.

SEO Inc Toolbar, which received stellar reviews from PC Magazine for functionality and ease of use, is available for free download at Search Engine Optimization Inc. Look for more updates and advanced features with SEO Toolbar Version 2.0, slated for release in Summer 2006.

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