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SEO Solutions for Agency's: Add new revenue streams and partner with SEO Inc

Best of Breed SEO Solutions for Agencies

Over the past decade, traditional marketing agencies have seen a significant change in the way that companies allocate their marketing dollars, with businesses increasingly shifting more marketing budget towards digital marketing activities like SEO and social media marketing.  Because of this trend, traditional agencies need to evolve and adapt to a changing market or create strategic partnerships so that their clients continue to get the right mix of services for their marketing budgets.

Partnering with an SEO Agency

SEO Inc. was established over two decades ago and began offering internet marketing services to clients before Google was even the top search engine. Being one of the first SEO companies in existence gives us a unique perspective and understanding that other fledgling SEO agencies cannot offer.  As the search industry has changed, SEO Inc. has evolved along with it, and we now provide best of breed integrated search and social media marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes.  We have become one of the most highly respected internet marketing agencies in North America and can bring our expertise and results to your clients whether you are a traditional agency, web developer, PR firm, brand marketing agency, or want to be able to offer value-added services to your clients.

SEO Solutions for Ad Agencies

Today many ad agencies offer some form of scaled down or outsourced search engine optimization services to their clients, but they don’t have the depth of expertise or extensive resources required to make a significant impact on search engine traffic. With Agency Select, SEO Inc. partners with agencies to provide best of breed SEO services to agency clients and an economy-friendly way to retain client ad spending.

Retain Agency Clients with Teamwork

When economic times are difficult, the marketing budget is often the first thing that companies slash to save money. Increasingly, this means cutting AND shifting marketing budgets to high ROI marketing services like search engine optimization and social media marketing. Partnering with SEO Inc. offers traditional agencies the ability to continue to provide top impact services even when marketing budgets are shrinking and shifting. Our services increase website traffic, brand awareness, and online sales at a fraction of the price of traditional marketing. With Agency Select, we work together with you to help retain clients and allow agencies to offer value-added services.

Structured for Success

Being an agency ourselves, we understand and value the client relationship. We realize that some agencies want to maintain their leadership position with their clients. This is why we offer flexibility in the way that we engage with your clients. 

Referral Partnership - For web developers, agencies, and publishers that want to be able to offer search or social media marketing services to their clients on a referral basis, SEO Inc. has an affiliate/referral program. We will pay you for each referral that turns into a client of SEO Inc.

Strategic Partnerships - For agencies and partners that want to leverage their existing client relationship with a client to add services outside of their core expertise or offer value-added services to their clients. By integrating our services with yours, a strategic partnership enhances your value and increases your clients' return on marketing investment. We work closely with our strategic partners to present ideas to clients and build on an already strong client relationship with teamwork and transparency.

White Label SEO Services - Some agencies want to be able to expand their services but do not want to go through the highly costly process of acquiring expertise and building the proper infrastructure to deliver the services needed for success. In this situation, we are happy to offer our services on a customized white label basis. You will maintain all direct client responsibility and liability, but you can charge your clients whatever you decide is fair value.

If you are interested in any of the above SEO Agency partnerships, please call us today to find out more. Or use the following link to Schedule a call with our CEO Gary Grant