SEO Franchise Marketing

Franchise Marketing: SEO

Franchises have long recognized the power of the internet and search engine marketing services, in particular, when it comes to promoting their franchising opportunities. SEO Inc. has had the privilege of helping several franchise companies and being a part of their growth, so we understand how franchising works. SEO for franchises usually has dual purposes:

  1. Promotion of franchising opportunities to entrepreneurs that may be interested in buying a franchise
  2. Development of the brand to help the franchisees

SEO Will Help Sell More Franchises

Franchise marketing online, and especially SEO, is a valuable lead generation tool to the franchisor. In many cases, the sale of a single franchise resulting from the search engine visibility will lead to a positive ROI for the franchisor; SEO for franchises continues to pay dividends beyond the promotion of the opportunity. The intangible benefit of this is that franchises can use their strong search engine rankings as a sales tool for interested franchise buyers. When a franchise company can show prospective investors that their brand is well represented in the search engines, their franchise opportunity becomes that much more appealing.

Our Success with SEO Franchise Marketing

One example of a franchisor that we helped is Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, who is ranking above all of their competitors for the keyword "carpet cleaning franchise opportunities" and many other similar keywords. This is a tremendous advantage when a prospective buyer finds their franchise opportunity first, especially when most of the top rankings are cluttered by directories and not specific franchisors. Oxi Fresh is one of the fastest growing franchises in America.

We had similar success with Camp Bow Wow USA whose search engine rankings for keywords like "pet franchise opportunities" helped them become the most visible dog and pet franchise company on the search engines.

Franchise Marketing with SEO Drives Business for Franchisees

Every franchisor wants their franchisees to have success. Reputation is critical when competing for investment, and the best way for a franchisor to gain a positive reputation is to be able to demonstrate consistent success among their franchisees. Besides having a strong training program and additional internal support, the best way to ensure success of your franchisors is supporting them with strong marketing from corporate, and that starts with search engine optimization and social media marketing. There are two areas that every franchise company should address and have a well conceived long term strategy for:

  1. Franchises by nature are geographically dispersed, which means that SEO for franchises must have an adaptable strategy which is flexible to target new geographic areas as a franchisor adds new franchises. 
  2. Many franchisors have a national ad or marketing budget which is supported by contributions by the franchisees. SEO works closely with our franchisor clients to develop a strategy that fits with national ad budgets while also creating customized services for franchisees.

If you have a franchise or run a national franchise, call us today at 877-736-0006 and find out more about how we can help you sell more franchises and support your franchisors with SEO services