Content Marketing: On-Page Optimization

Content Marketing

Website content strategies must closely align with your keyword strategy, and content should be updated regularly. But should you decide on keywords before writing the content? This is a common issue that online marketers must deal with. Most SEO content strategies incorporate a little bit of both of those ideals, but it is never advisable to force keywords into content where they don’t belong.

Our SEO consultants will work closely with you to define a content strategy around the keywords that you select. As an SEO Inc. client, you can opt to write the content yourself, or you may choose to use our SEO copywriting services.

SEO Website Content Optimization - Not Just Keyword Density

As search engine algorithms evolve, one thing that remains constant is that your web pages need to have content to support the keywords that you are targeting. The relative weight that search engines place on the content of the pages fluctuates as often as search engines adjust their ranking algorithms. It wasn't long ago that it was possible to achieve search engine rankings without keyword-rich content. This has not been true for a long time, and websites that don't value good content will not have long-term success with SEO.

Most search engine optimization services include SEO best practices for keyword density, but this is only one component of SEO content marketing. SEO consultants work closely with clients to create a well-conceived web content marketing strategy which is integrated with keyword strategy. This requires that content writers understand how the content on all pages is connected. Content optimization also takes into account the proper use of headings and particular types of text like bolding and italicizing.

Internal Linking Makes SEO Content Writing More Difficult

It is critical that your SEO content optimization strategy step beyond on-page keyword density. Content writing for your website must be done in a way that the keywords are incorporated into the content on other pages beyond the page that keyword is being optimized. The reason for this is simple: proper internal linking relies on keywords and requires the SEO writer to conceptualize beyond the page he/she is writing for at the time. Stated simply, you need to have the targeted keyword on many pages, which makes the process of SEO copywriting much more difficult than typical web copywriting.

What Else Are Search Engines Looking For?

Every search engine looks at the number of times a word or phrase mentioned on a page in comparison to all of the content on the page, but this is not the only thing that matters. Consider your website material as if it were  "food" for search engine spiders. Every page is a meal, and just like people, search engine spiders do not want to eat the same thing all of the time. SEO content optimization includes making sure that your pages have all of the following:

  • Unique text content
  • Frequently updated text content
  • Well connected content with linking
  • Meta tags and Microdata should describe the content on the page
  • Headings should support the content 

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