Internet Marketing: Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing

Internet marketing services for small businesses is a growing business for local advertisers continually looking for new venues to promote their brands locally. The increasing use and availability of PDA’s and web-enabled phones have allowed more and more people to use local search to find products or services to buy offline while on the go.

How are Local Search Results Typically Generated?
Location, Relevance, and prominence
  1. Geo-proximity to the searched location/zip code
  2. Consistent NAP data: searched “business or service/product/brand” – is in the business Name?
  3. Searched “business or service/product/brand” – this ‘content’ associated with the business profile
  4. Correct categorization in local business listings
  5. Solid on-page SEO
  6. Has the marketplace interacted with the listing – i.e., user feedback, etc.?

Citations (local search version of links) are still a primary way Google learns about a local business’ location. Citations also impact prominence: the more citations, the more prominent the business

Reviews - Businesses should take a long-term, balanced approach to review management with lots of sources, such as Google, Yelp, demand review sites, CitySearch, industry-specific sites, etc. It is always best to have a balanced portfolio, as the winds could change.

I need my company to be found today; how long does it take to show up in the search engines?

If you genuinely need to be found right away, we recommend starting with a small, local pay per click advertising campaign. It can take up to 60 days for new profiles to show up in Google Place and the other top search engines, and the process of getting ranked highly can take longer.

What if my business information changes?

The more detailed and accurate your local search listing, the more likely people will be drawn to it. If your company changes any information, ListMeLocal updates your profiles—you’re always current.