Publisher Strategy for SEO

SEO for Publishers

Publishing typically incorporates one of two revenue models: advertising or subscription content. Since most people perceive the internet as being free, ad revenue tends to be more common for content publishing websites. The most common goal for online publishers is to drive as much traffic to their site(s) as possible to generate massive amounts of ad revenue. This ad revenue may come from a variety of models ranging from cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand page views (CPM) to affiliate sites that share revenue from websites to which they refer traffic. 

The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Publishers

Search Engine Optimization

Whether you publish content for free or offer it to subscribers, you have a big challenge to get search engine visibility. Some of the biggest successes that we have had at SEO Inc. were with large websites that create content all the time like Entrepreneur Magazine, IGN, and (SEO case studies). The challenge is to get that content indexed and relevant for search.

Search engine rankings are always important, and getting those rankings is difficult if you don’t publish unique content and publish new content frequently.  Also, publishers must also consider the fact that there are likely hundreds of thousands of keywords to target.  Because of this SEO for publishers is one of the most challenging things to do in online marketing.

Our SEO strategies for publishers and consulting services will ensure that your website is indexed correctly by search engine spiders and that your code and content are correctly optimized for the keywords that you want to target in each or your articles or directory pages.

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Social Media Marketing

The internet offers opportunities to expand readership or viewership that didn't exist in the past for publishers. If you publish content, one of the best ways to acquire new readers or viewers is through social media, but many websites are still not using this medium effectively. There are also tremendous SEO benefits when social media optimization is done right. Publishers have an advantage in this area because the production of content is at the core of social media marketing.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include several components such as SEO integration, keyword strategies, content optimization, and engagement strategies including viral campaigns to stimulate your readers. These combined efforts will help your published content become more readily found in search engines and build your following by encouraging your readers to share your content with their social network.

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