What is a Press Release?

Online Press Releases Optimized for SEO

SEO Optimized press releases offer a lot of SEO benefits and are an integral part of our integrated strategy. At SEO Inc., we are dedicated to providing a memorable experience for every one of our clients, and this, of course, includes our SEO press release process. When you have news to release to the world, your project manager works with our whole team of copywriters to ensure your online press release is up to your expectations.

Discovery Call

To begin with, writing your online SEO press releases, you will have a kick-off call with your project manager and one or more copywriters to develop a press release syndication schedule. The discovery calls include brainstorming your press release topics, creating a writing schedule, and deciding on the best possible time to syndicate each press release online.

In-Depth Research

All of our clients that have search engine optimization services work closely with their SEO consultant on editorial strategy. Your Project Manager will perform in-depth research, analyzing which of your keywords and site links will work with each press release. Your PM will also be reviewing advanced press release distribution options that may be available to you to increase effectiveness.

Also, our copywriters are researching your industry, competitors, and developing a list of possible press release topics to ensure your online press release is an interesting possibility. This research, combined with our understanding of what is on the roadmap within your company, is the formula for creating an effective online press release campaign. We guarantee that you will be satisfied!

Creation of PR Syndication Schedule

Upon completion of our research, you will receive a list of potential press release topics. This may include some of the more typical PR topics like product announcements, information about company successes or acquisitions, events, or even involvement in charities. When there is not a lot to announce, our team of seasoned PR copywriters will present creative ways to represent your brand online. We often bundle an online press release with an article or white paper providing valuable information. We can handle the writing for these too! Of course, every PR syndication schedule designed for flexibility to be able to react to unplanned changes in your industry or company.

SEO Press Release Writing

Within a few days or a week before the scheduled press release, one of our copywriters will call to verify that you want to proceed with the planned online press release. After this has been confirmed, we will seek out any new information about the topic and then write the first draft of the statement. Once the writing is complete, we send it to you for approval. We think you’ll be happy with the final result, but if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the press release, you can feel free to send it back for edits. Even if you’re not entirely sure of what you don’t like, we’ll re-write it. Throughout the entire process, we keep communication lines open – nothing is published until you have given your 100% approval.

Online SEO Press Release Syndication

Finally, we distribute your news to the top search engines, news outlets, and more than 6,000 other websites, plus additional niche websites relevant to your industry and offline news sources in your geographical region, as well. With our additional photo distribution options, you might even see your news show up in New York City’s Times Square! We also offer a wide variety of micro-list distribution options and video distribution. Find out more about SEO Press Release Optimization and Distribution.