Marketing Strategies: Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Because visibility is your website’s first step towards success, an online press release distribution plan that is designed for search engines is fundamental. We want your press release to be re-posted by as many websites as possible and viewed by as many people as possible, so we dedicate a lot of time and resources to press online release distribution. We also understand the value of the traditional media, so we ensure that your releases are also distributed to the traditional wire services. 

Instant First Page Visibility

Search engine optimized press releases from SEO Inc. gain your site instant access to page-one exposure, placement on top websites, and entry into industry publications – all through our online press release distribution network. We syndicate your news to Google, Yahoo!, Bing, top news outlets, and more than 6,000 other websites; plus additional niche websites pertinent to your industry and news topic.

Distribution to Reach Your Audience

One of the benefits of an SEO press release is that you can quickly distribute information to many places from a single source. SEO Inc. has researched dozens of press release syndication networks and found that the best syndication is not always the broadest. Using a variety of channels, we distribute your optimized press releases to reach your target audience. Our network includes:

  • 27,000 News outlets and over 6,000 websites
  • The ability to spread via your opt-in email list
  • Industry vertical lists
  • Geographic targeting
  • Multicultural targeting
  • The ability to distribute via your opt-in email list
  • Yahoo! News, Google News and other news search engines pick up your press release
  • Direct to credentialed journalist’s desks

With our additional photo distribution options, you might even see your news show up in New York City’s Times Square!

Build Industry Credibility

We get your press release delivered directly to bloggers in your industry, top online influencers, and credentialed journalists, and build your industry credibility. Our press release reporting provides you with links and clips you can show prospective clients and customers of your news coverage – let’s see the competition do that!