Branding Strategies: Above the Competiton

Branding Strategies and Brand Management

Brand Strategy and SEO

Big brands need to consider two elements of search engine optimization: branded and non-branded optimization. By securing branded search space, companies take control and ensure competitors do not gain from their branded search traffic. Companies that take control of their branded search space limit the impact of negative reviews and ensure that searchers only see the content that the company would like to be visible.

Non-branded search engine optimization is also important. By optimizing for keywords outside the normal branding keywords, big brands can bring fresh users and business to their website. Learn more about our customized SEO services for global brands and enterprises.

Social Media Marketing and Online Brand Management

Social media marketing works in four major ways for online branding. First, it allows businesses to optimize their social profiles for Google search space. Second, it gives companies the ability to respond to customer complaints and represent themselves on these social sites. Third, these social sites can be used to grow the business. Finally, large corporations can gauge consumers and refine their online branding strategies. Learn more about social media marketing for online brands.

Pay Per Click and Brands

Social media marketing and SEO do not always allow a corporation complete control. However, pay per click does. By running a paid search campaign, online brands can control their message in branded search space. They can also bring in new business from non-branded terms. Learn more about pay per click for online brands.

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