eBay SEO

Many shoppers commonly use search engines to track down rare hobby items, discounted products, or merchandise sold by third parties. Over the years, eBay has become one of the more popular sites to find these kinds of products. With eBay product listings showing up on Google Shopping, proper implementation of eBay SEO has become necessary for vendors to stay ahead of the game. Although eBay has seen a small decline in usage compared to other large eCommerce site like Amazon, it is still used by millions of shoppers every month and has seen a steady increase in use year after year.

eBay SEO Experts

Executing proper SEO for eBay listings can be tricky, but we’re up to the task. We implement a proven set of SEO strategies that align with eBay’s regulations to get your listings to appear on search engine shopping sections.

eBay Listing Optimization

Prospective customers are looking for more than just a product and a price. They want to know that you are a seller they can trust and rely on for a flawless transaction. Our eBay SEO service provides you with completely optimized listings to help buyers find your products on the search engine results. Additionally, we help you find the best ways to accumulate positive customer reviews from those who buy from you, effectively increasing your seller rating and buyer trust.

Keyword Optimization – We help you choose the right ranking keywords to help your listings appear on Google Shopping and other search engines.

Product Identifiers – Ensuring your listings include Universal Product Codes (UPCs), International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), and European Article Numbers (EANs) is a vital part of eBay SEO.

Item Description – We create item description copy to appeal to both your eBay audience and search engines. We use keywords, links, and image tags to make your listings rich for search engines while being useful for buyers. We also know how long your descriptions should be to avoid truncation, which can have an adverse effect on your ads’ potential.

Seller Rating – We help you reach out to customers and ensure they are receiving an A+ buying experience, increasing the likelihood of them reciprocating with positive product and seller reviews.

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