SEO Inc. Announces New Link Detoxification and Backlink Enhancement to Their Lineup of SEO Services

Carlsbad, CA (8/7/2014)- SEO Inc., a full-service Internet Marketing Optimization Company, announces new Link Detoxification and Backlink Enhancement packages to augment their popular PPC and SEO services. These new backlink cleanup offerings aim to assist businesses of all sizes achieve higher rankings, a better trust and citation flow, and increased organic traffic.

SEO Inc. began offering Backlink Detoxification services in 2013, upon seeing the rise of manual penalties given to sites for having many “bad links” pointing at them. “As Google makes changes to their algorithms, it’s our job as SEO professionals to understand them and help businesses adapt,” says Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc. “Of the websites that have contacted us regarding manual penalties, we have a 100% success rate in identifying harmful links and taking necessary steps to removing Google Penalties. These websites have completely recovered and are ranking again.”

To augment SEO Inc.’s trusted Backlink Detoxification services (for Google Penalties), the company now offers “Backlink Enhancement,” a service that goes further to clean up a site’s backlink profile making it more authoritative and trustworthy than before.

“Our team looks at your site’s link profile, analyzes each link pointing at your domain, and one by one, determines its authority and relevancy. We leave in only the strongest and most relevant links,” says Grant. “This helps a site’s health and, therefore, rankings.”

SEO Inc. urges site owners to regularly check Google Webmaster Tools for negative incoming links and manual penalties. “If you rank high for your main keywords one day and don’t rank at all the next, or see a substantial drop in traffic, there is typically a problem. It’s time to call the professionals at SEO Inc,” suggests Grant.

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