Dalton Grant

Dalton Grant has been in the Internet Marketing industry for over 4 years now, and is an asset to SEO Inc.

Dalton started at SEO Inc, wearing many hats within the company. He has since transitioned into being the Brand Specialist / Google Link Penalty Guru and is constantly growing and coming up with new ideas for the company. Dalton is part of the Linking Team at SEO Inc. as well. The SEO Inc Linking Team has recovered 15 websites from a manual action/penalty. Through his hands-on experience with link detox and removal, Dalton continually comes up with new an innovative Linking Strategies to extract the most optimization from linking as possible.

Outside of the office, Dalton is very interested in car racing, nightclub businesses, and travelling to new places. He also enjoys remixing music, kart racing, and creating new operations/ideas/products for SEO Inc.  

Dalton Grant
SEO Analyst
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