Connor Crafts

Connor is one of the rockstars here at SEO Inc., though not many may know it. As one of the Project Coordinators, he is tasked daily by the Account Managers with different projects that only his expertise can finish. A jack-of-all-trades, Connor is a link removal wizard and photoshop extraordinaire. 

He regularly takes on very important projects here at SEO Inc., including, but not limited to, link detox and lifting those pesky manual penalties Google places on sites. With thanks in no small part to be expertise in this area, he has helped SEO Inc. maintain a near-100% success rate in cleaning up our clients' backlink profiles. 

A student and SEO coordinator by day, Connor is also very much into graphic design for his local company, CraftsPrinting, based in Vista county. Oddly enough, chocolate makes Connor sneeze.

When he isn't cleaning up backlinks and helping with reporting, you can find Connor out on the mountain bike trails in and around Carlsbad, or at home enjoying some rad video games and/or appreciating film. 

Connor Crafts
Account Coordinator
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