Business Factors

Business FactorBusiness Factors was seeking a Search Engine Optimization firm that could bring them top industry rankings. Of course, they came to SEO Inc., and in the course of reviewing their existing presence and ability to perform well in the SERP’s, the need for a completely new website was apparent. Business Factors need for not only standard, industry specific rankings but also geo-targeted keywords provided the challenge we thrive on here at SEO Inc.

The Challenge

The client wanted a complete revision and update of their web presence, and it needed to be developed with an SEO strategy, while also streamlining their online business process. Our SEO Web Developers and the client's SEO Project Manager collaborated to develop strategies that not only increased the website's usability and scalability, but also had the ability to be controlled by the client via a CMS.

SEO Inc. was tasked to develop an online web presence that allows for both industry related and geo-targeted rankings and develop a content management system that will allow for the creation of dynamic geo-targeted and industry specific micro-sites.


Our plan of attack on this project was to tear down the existing website and completely rebuild it with an open source CMS. For this project, we decided that Drupal would be the most appropriate CMS for the funcitonality the client wanted to have on the back end. To achieve this, we worked with the client and their dedicated Project Manager to identify the projects keywords and search engine optimization goals while working with our engineering and web development departments to engineer the backend needed. To develop a site of this size, we would utilize our full team of Designers, Copywriters, and Coders to bring both the main portal and micro-sites into a single cohesive web presence.


Developing a series of site templates, SEO Inc. was able to provide Business Factors with a Content Management System that allowed not only for the creation of new content in existing pages but also the creation of complete micro-sites. All functionality provides full SEO compatibility to allow for the expansion of the site without losing momentum in their search engine placement.