TACORI Ringtone Download SEO Inc Case Study

Tacori Ringtone DownloadBased out of Glendale California, TACORI Enterprises has successfully built a reputation for creating some of the world’s most highly regarded diamond and precious stone jewelry.

The Challenge

With their dedication to quality and service, the TACORI team was looking to grow and strengthen their online presence through the use of social media marketing. After receiving positive feedback about their recent “Checkmate” commercial, TACORI wanted to find another way to leverage the commercial and the commercial’s theme song, “Ooh la, mi cha cha cha.” to reinforce the strong online buzz surrounding the company. The challenge was figuring out exactly how to use their current assets to work for them in the form of a social media based viral campaign.

The Solution

SEO Inc. devised a strategy to effectively implement and promote a campaign utilizing assets which TACORI had readily available, including rights to the music used in the commercial’s theme song, “Ooh la, mi cha cha cha.” We proposed creating an online viral campaign surrounding the giveaway of the ringtone. 

We started by writing a blog post and made the ringtone downloadable on the TACORI website. Within the blog post, we listed instructions for downloading the ringtone and installed the latest social media share widgets. SEO Inc. also created a keyword strategy for the blog and optimized the post based on specific keywords producing high rankings. Additionally, SEO Inc. added a YouTube video to the blog so that users could preview the ringtone and commercial.

To promote the campaign, SEO Inc. drafted and syndicated a press release, while making sure to incorporate a strong marketing message and call to action and collaborated with TACORI to create a promotional strategy utilizing Facebook and Twitter. During the campaign, SEO Inc. provided analytic reports on the initiative’s success and worked closely with TACORI to help them reach their vision for the giveaway.

The Results

The TACORI Ringtone Download campaign was truly a success and benefited TACORI by creating a notable online buzz. Their social communities, blog followers, and market mavens responded amazingly well to the campaign and are continuously thanking TACORI for the free ringtone offer. The campaign was a splash on Facebook, Twitter, and in the blogging community. Total distribution spanned over 22,000 people throughout the top social networks.

SEO Benefit - As a result of the campaign, the TACORI website received a tremendous amount of organic links from other websites. This not only benefited their search engine optimization efforts, it also increased referring site traffic. The press release was picked up over 1,400 times by other websites and the blog post offering the free ringtone download received over 4,000 visits in a 3 month period.

Social Benefit - The blog post also acquired 126 Facebook “likes,” which translates to 126 people making the TACORI blog post visible to their entire community of Facebook friends, spreading and promoting the campaign throughout Facebook.The average Facebook user has over 130 friends which means over 16,000 people were exposed to the TACORI ringtone giveaway and the TACORI brand via their Facebook profile. Furthermore, the ringtone was posted to notable Facebook fan pages in the industry, which when accumulated, resulted in the post being exposed to approximately 5,800 additional profiles. The blog post, which is still live today, will continue to be an extremely valuable online asset for TACORI and currently ranks number 1 for TACORI ringtone.

This marketing effort truly had a viral effect which only reinforced the positive image the TACORI brand is known for.