Social Media Marketing - Frederick’s of Hollywood


Frederick's Of Hollywood


Frederick’s of Hollywood: World-renowned lingerie and clothing brand since 1947, with over 135 specialty retail stores nationwide.

The Challenge

Frederick’s of Hollywood has made a name for itself in the lingerie and clothing industry for over 50 years. With a long history that embodies the style and sophistication of old Hollywood, Frederick’s decided to take their brand a step further and expand their online presence through social media marketing.

In order to reach as many potential lingerie customers as possible, Frederick’s enlisted the help of SEO Inc. SEO Inc. saw great potential to increase the Frederick’s online community, and ultimately boost their SEO efforts and ROI.  With the goal of growing the brand’s online presence, the challenge was determining the best way to exponentially increase the amount of visitors to their Facebook page.

The Solution

SEO Inc. has managed various social media platforms and viral campaigns for hundreds of clients and has a wealth of knowledge in current and upcoming social media sites. SEO Inc. determined launching a social media viral campaign on Facebook as the best way to reach a large audience and convert that audience into a Frederick’s online community.

SEO Inc. created the “Nothing Is Sexier than Confidence” Facebook giveaway. A custom Facebook contest tab was created that encouraged visitors to first “like” the Frederick’s Facebook page and then fill out a contest entry form for a chance to win. SEO Inc. worked hand in hand with Frederick’s to spread word of the giveaway through press releases, Facebook promotional advertisements, banner ads, blog posts, and other mentions. When the voting period began, contestants spread the contest to all of their Facebook friends in order to get votes, making the campaign even more viral.

The Results

The "Nothing Is Sexier than Confidence" social media viral campaign sparked a significant increase in traffic to the Frederick’s Facebook site and generated online buzz surrounding the Frederick’s brand name. In the week long duration of the campaign, 907 Facebook users viewed the Nothing Is Sexier than Confidence Giveaway. The contest page had a conversion rate of 17%, with over 150 users entering the contest. By providing the online community with content worth sharing, Frederick’s of Hollywood increased their Facebook fan base and strengthened online brand visibility.