BTO Sports SEO Inc Case Study

BTO SportsBTO Sports is nationally recognized as the largest online provider of gear, parts, and accessories for motocross, dirt bike, and ATV riders; they operate with the simple concept of offering the highest quality products at affordable prices. While had successfully built a reputation for bringing the best deals on the highest quality products to their customers, the BTO Sports team aspired to grow and strengthen their online presence through the use of social media marketing.

The Challenge

BTO Sports was looking for a way to generate online buzz around their company. In an effort to do so, they asked SEO Inc. to create a strategy that would get people talking about BTO Sports and increase the size of their Facebook community. The challenge was figuring out exactly how to use their current assets to work for them in the form of a social media based viral campaign.

The Solution

With a great deal of experience running interactive campaigns, SEO Inc. knew that a sweepstakes would be quick and effective. We understood that BTO Sports had an avid and loyal fan base of riders, many of which have broken bikes or bikes in need of new parts. And so the idea for Fix My Ride Sweepstakes was born.

We created an interactive campaign strategy, approved by BTO Sports. Then we went to work to develop a custom Facebook Tab highlighting detailed instructions, prize eligibility, and disclaimers for the Sweepstakes. Participants were asked to first “Like” the BTO Sports Facebook Page and then fill out an online entry form. Making the campaign more viral, entrants had the opportunity to gain an additional entry by asking friends to participate in the sweepstakes. To promote the Facebook campaign, SEO Inc. worked with BTO Sports to create ads, email newsletters, banners, press releases, and blog posts.

Excited with the results of the Fix My Ride Sweepstakes, BTO Sports came back to us to create another campaign to further increase their Facebook presence and attract new customers.

SEO Inc. proposed that BTO run a viral online campaign that would give their customers the opportunity to participate in the full BTO Sports experience—namely, a friendly competition that allowed BTO Sports to connect with their customers as fellow riders. After presenting BTO Sports with a variety of ideas, BTO decided on a photo submission-based contest. SEO Inc. worked with BTO Sports to create a custom Facebook page, inviting Facebook users to participate in the first ever “Best Whip Picture Contest". The custom page displayed details for participating in the contest, including instructions, rules, and disclaimers, as well as what the winner would receive as a prize. Participants were asked to first “like” the BTO Sports Facebook Page, and then post their best whip picture (a picture of their personalized bike). Once entered into the contest, participants would tell their Facebook friends to “like” BTO Sports and the picture of their ride that they posted. The whip photo with the most “likes” at the end of the contest would win a free apparel combo package of their choice.

To promote the campaign, SEO Inc. worked with BTO to create a blog post and press release to announce the Facebook contest, while making sure to incorporate a strong marketing message and call to action. SEO Inc. also worked with BTO Sports to create multiple blog posts that updated readers on which whip photos were leading the contest. SEO Inc. created a keyword strategy for the blog and optimized each post based on specific keywords to ensure high rankings. Additionally, SEO Inc. installed the latest social media share widgets and developed a creative Facebook advertising campaign to promote the contest.

SEO Inc. created a promotional strategy to utilize on Facebook and Twitter. During the campaign, SEO Inc. provided analytic reports on the initiative’s success and worked closely with BTO Sports to help them reach their vision for the giveaway.

The Results

When our first campaign ran, social communities, blog followers, and motocross connoisseurs alike responded with enthusiasm to the sweepstakes. Overall, 9,919 people viewed the Fix My Ride Sweepstakes Tab. The landing page had a startling conversion rate of over 17%, resulting in over 1,650 people entering the sweepstakes. Throughout the campaign, 6,561 new likes were generated for the Facebook page.

According to studies, a Facebook fan costs an average of $4 to purchase with Facebook ads. This means that the campaign generated a value of $26,244 in Facebook fans at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, during the contest period, the total number of people, both Fans and Non-fans, exposed to BTO Sports on Facebook totaled to over 1.4 million, or a 42% increase compared to the month prior to the sweepstakes.

Our second campaign, the “Best Whip Picture Contest” was also a great success. As a result of the campaign, the BTO Sports Facebook Page received a tremendous amount of traffic directed by contest participants and the BTO Sports blog. This greatly increased BTO Sports brand awareness throughout the social media network. BTO Sports started with approximately 9,000 Facebook fans.

     • Increase of more than 6,800 fans since the campaign was launched
     • BTO Sports received over 250 submitted whip photos that received over 4,500 “likes” combined.
     • Over 580,000 people exposed to the BTO Sports giveaway

Both campaign benefited BTO Sports by creating a notable online buzz. Their social communities, blog followers and market mavens responded amazingly well to the campaigns and are continuing active involvement with BTO Sports online. The campaign was a splash on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogging community. With a total distribution spanning over 580,000 people throughout Facebook, this marketing effort truly had a viral effect which only reinforced the positive image the BTO Sports brand is known for.