SEO Case Study

StopStaringClothingStop Staring! is one of the leading designers of vintage-inspired cocktail dresses and rockabilly clothing. Stop Staring! is based in Los Angeles, CA; the designs by Alicia Estrada have been featured in the world’s top fashion magazines and are worn regularly by a countless number of celebrity A-listers. Stop Staring! clothes are sold in hundreds of boutiques all over the world and can be purchased online at

The Challenge had some respectable rankings when they contacted SEO Inc. but were not ranked in the Top 10 on Google for several important keywords in a few of their important product categories.  While the site ranked very well for long-tail keywords like rockabilly swing dress and some of their niche categories, e.g. retro dresses, they had little visibility for highly competitive phrases like “cocktail dresses” and some existing rankings were in decline for terms like “rockabilly dress” and “rockabilly clothing”. Their goal was to generate more traffic by ranking for more highly-searched competitive terms and regain their rankings that had slipped as more competitors moved into the market. lacked keyword-rich content on the site. Many of the product pages had no content at all. The site also lacked a search engine-friendly navigation, which made it hard for the search engine spiders to find the internal pages.

The Solution

Once an optimization strategy was devised and implemented for each of the pages, we quickly moved onto adding keyword-rich content at the proper density levels to each of the pages. We also created a new global navigation and implemented it into the site, making the previously buried product pages more accessible. This was supported by a link popularity campaign to increase the number of links coming into the home page and important category pages. 

The Results

After just 6 months, the site ranked on the first page of Google for all of the keywords they deemed most important: cocktail dresses, rockabilly clothing, rockabilly dresses, rockabilly clothes etc. They have also achieved many top rankings in new categories, such as vintage dresses, goth dresses etc. The client is very happy with the results. They have seen a boost in traffic to the site as well as sales. is now moving forward with more optimization and a link popularity campaign so that they can improve their rankings even further.