Get Restaurant Coupons

Get Restaurant is the world’s largest restaurant search site of restaurant listings, restaurant coupons, special offers, menus, and reviews. has successfully acquired approximately 5,000 permission-based subscribers.

The Challenge

Where To Eat America had a vision to offer the largest online restaurant guide and listing available. Even though they had the vision, they needed the technical know-how in order to effectively implement the necessary changes to improve search engine rankings. The goal was to rank for “Restaurant Coupons” as the primary keyword. 

The Solution

With the objective of creating a completely new theme, SEO Inc. devised a strategy to optimize the site for the keyword term “Restaurant Coupons.”  SEO Inc. began with a proposed domain name change from to and also proposed an entirely new site design that would improve usability and increase page speeds.

SEO Inc. proposed a refined navigation that would allow the site to be more easily indexed by search engines while making it as simple as possible for visitors to access the restaurant coupons of their choice. The newly refined navigation allows users to easily search for coupons by restaurant, cuisine, city, or state, and the “Featured Coupons” section of the site highlights the site’s most used restaurant coupon deals, allowing visitors to effortlessly access the most popular restaurant coupon deals. Additionally,’s “Restaurant Guide” section allows for a convenient, in-depth search for restaurants by city, county, restaurant association, and/or ratings. 

SEO Inc. also created a keyword strategy for the site’s content and provided content optimized for specific keywords to ensure high rankings. Once the new site was launched, SEO Inc. provided analytic reports on the initiative’s success and worked closely with to help them reach their vision.

The Results is truly an SEO success story.  With a focused theme, a new SEO- and user-friendly site, and keyword-optimized content, SEO Inc. has built a strong and lasting online presence for Within 1 year of launching the new site, SEO Inc. achieved top rankings for  Other successes include:

  • 50% increase in traffic with approximately 1,800 visitors each week
  • 90% of which were first time visitors
  • Each visitor spent approximately 4 minutes on the site and viewed at least 10 pages per visit

Optimizing for the term “Restaurant Coupons” proved to be an incredibly effective strategy, as it produced a bounce rate of less than a 15%. 

“We are incredibly pleased with the placement SEO Inc. achieved for us. We couldn’t have done it without them. SEO Inc. is a tremendous SEO and marketing asset to us, and I would recommend them to any business looking to grow and strengthen their online presence.”          

– Paul Sager, Owner of