Dr. Natura SEO Case Study

Dr. NaturaDr. Natura is the global leader in cleansing and detoxification products. Their two main products, Colonix and Toxinout, are considered some of the best body detox products in the world. Thousands of satisfied customers write about how their products are life-changing. They are consistently voted in the top position by the most highly respected review sites.

Client's Goals

Drnatura.com had many first page Google rankings when they contacted SEO Inc., but given the competitive nature of their business, they felt they needed to move their top keywords even closer to the top of the search engine results page, while also capturing organic search traffic from a broader range of keywords relating to their industry.

The Challenge

The colon cleansing market has recently become extremely competitive, with new products and companies entering the market all the time. The SEO services needed to position drnatura.com as the authority in its space ahead of all the other offerings. It was also important that any work that we did preserved existing rankings as well as build new rankings. 

The Solution

SEO Inc. performed a very detailed keyword analysis in order to identify and target a much broader range of keywords. We developed and implemented a customized optimization strategy comprised of improved on-page SEO and development of new pages in order to target new keywords, accompanied by an aggressive link campaign to support their major key terms. In addition to the new content, SEO Inc. wrote and syndicated optimized press releases, articles, and syndicated videos not only for the SEO benefits, but also to achieve the online presence that Dr. Natura needed to remain the leader in their market.

The Results

Over an 18 month period, we were able to increase Dr. Natura's search engine visibility dramatically by improving rankings on many of their top keywords, while also targeting and getting new keywords ranked.

  • Their top 5 keywords all moved up to as high as #2 on Google within the first 6 months
  • Increased the number of keywords with first place rankings by 400%
  • Increased the number of keywords with top 5 rankings by 534%
  • Increased the number of keywords with top 10 rankings by 433%

They are ranking on the first page for many terms which were previously not in the top 150 results. With the help of our seo company; the increase in the number of keywords with high rankings, Dr. Natura is in a stronger position to continue to drive traffic to their website from organic search and also not be as reliant on a small set of keywords